Maintenance Engineering

The maintenance engineering responsibility is an important aspect of any aircraft operations. WINGS’s Maintenance Engineering Module has a variety of functionalities to support this important responsibility. These are maintenance program definition – engineering documents – MPD / AD / CN / SB / EO, modification history, supporting reliability engineering, fault analysis, tracking corrective actions, keeping records for structural repairs and other maintenance procedures.

WINGS supports all of these features and more. With the emphasis of configuration control, the configuration of fleet’s aircrafts “as maintained” status is constantly updated reflecting the fleet’s current component configuration.

WINGS provides advanced Maintenance Engineering functionalities, including:

  • Maintenance Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Reliability
  • Flight Hours

Maintenance Management

  • Define maintenance requirements and tasks to keep the aircraft airworthy
  • Keep track of maintenance procedures that describe how to execute the maintenance
  • Automatic capturing of MPD’s, SB’s, CN’s, AD’s from digital sources
  • Automatic determination of MPD effectivity based on applicability rules and fleet’s mod status
  • Maintain traceability from engineering requirements to internal job cards.

WINGS allows for new maintenance requirements to be added to the maintenance program. Maintenance engineers can build Airworthiness Directives (ADs), Service Bulletins (SBs), Modifications (Mods), and Engineering Orders (EOs) in the Maintenance Engineering Module, incorporate them into the maintenance program, and issue them out to the fleet, using effectivity and applicability rules to update the appropriate maintenance plans & schedules for the affected aircrafts and components. WINGS also defines individual maintenance requirements at the appropriate component level, regardless of it’s level within the aircraft or engine level.

Configuration Management

The Maintenance Engineering module of WINGS provides total visibility of configuration and technical records, the status and history of aircrafts, engines, assemblies, and components, on-aircraft and off-aircraft basis. The system keeps all data captured on the logbooks, such as flights, usage hours and cycles, discrepancies/faults (pireps), and maintenance activities.

WINGS manages all activities required for aircraft maintenance program, starting from MPD’s (Aircraft’s manufactures’ Maintenance Planning Documents) to all subsequent regulatory documents such as ADs, SBs, Mods, etc. This provides compliance traceability from beginning to end. To complement its comprehensive technical records management functionality, the Maintenance Engineering module also provides critical functions such as: audit trails (e.g. who signed off the work and when), archiving of all technical actions performed, management of historical data, and compliance reporting.

Reliability Analysis

WINGS provides great deal of information about all aspects of the maintenance program, ensuring that reliability program will be accurate and reflecting not only what has occurred but also what should have occurred. Some of the supported WINGS Reliability Analysis deliverables are:

Computing Mean Time Between Failures, Removals, and Unscheduled Removals (MTBF, MTBR, and MTBUR) for parts Determining discrepancies per Airframe

Flight Hours

  • Calculating Percentage of non-routine tasks caused by each routine task in heavy maintenance
  • Capturing trends based on inspection results
  • Alerting based on user defined thresholds