Employee Training & License Tracking

This sub-module carries out tracking and maintenance of trainings, licenses and previous employment records of the employees defined in the Labor Collection and Employee Attendance system. Each training has many attributes such as training source, type, duration, start and end dates as well as the applicable aircraft types. Once a training record is created, users can enter all the employees who took the training easily. The existence of certain training can be used as eligibility criteria to carry out certain task. For example, only employees who have the required trainings are allowed to check-out certain tools in the Tooling system.

License tracking function gives full control over both temporary and permanent employee licenses. It tracks the expiration dates and notifies both the employee and the related parties about soon to expire licenses. Each license can be flagged as a “FAA License”. The system can also automatically generate revalidation letters to be sent to FAA for this kind of licenses. All employee licenses can be reported using several reports at any time.

Another functionality of this sub-module is to track previous employment records such as company name, position and duration. This lets the management evaluate the employees not only by their current performances but also by their past experiences..