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MRX Systems

Blue Eye Suite Maintenance solutions by MRX Systems

The MRX Systems software solution is a fully-integrated digital platform enabling aviation professionals to access real-time data and take control over their fleet and their operations.

Thanks to more than 10 years of customer feedback and perpetual development, MRX Systems brings a complete, secure and scalable solution to challenges faced by operators, CAMOs and MROs. The system is divided into three modules, each of them designed to meet the specific operational needs of their users.

Multi-User, 100% paperless, always up-to-date, and Cloud based, all data is accessible at any time worldwide enhancing operation and maintenance efficiency.

Drastically Time-Saving
EASA / FAA compliant, we helped customers in over 20 countries and operating hundreds of aircraft to improve their operational communication and minimize the risk of human errors.

Definitely Connected
Bridged with Airbus Helicopters, CAMP, SkyLegs and many other, each database can be linked to various third parties using API. Connected files options are also available for internal needs.

Secured & Trusted
End-to-end encryption using SSL protocol.
Geographically distant daily back-ups via Microsoft Azure Cloud.
Data restoration features.
Awarded with AIRBUS Helicopters Data Stream Premium Certificate.

Blue EYE iPad App
Built-in & Custom Reports

You have specific needs and your clients specific expectations, Blue EYE offers the possibility to create report templates with infinite customization options. Import your logo, choose your layout and select which fields and ranges are to be included or not, we also propose assistance to design complex reports. If you don’t need any of these, you can still explore our report library, packed with built-in reports.

Online / Offline Work Environment
Through its cloud-based architecture and dedicated database, all data saved is automatically pushed to secure servers with daily back-ups, loss of data is now history.
Blue EYE iPad App also offers all its features offline, data is then locally saved on your device, ready to synchronise when you reconnect to the internet.
Powering the paperless experience, Blue EYE is connected and data-fed by Blue EYE iPad App. This enables you to receive live information from your crew and technical staff through an intuitive and user-friendly application featuring eTechLogs, and eFlightLogs.

eJobCard iPad App
With the eJobCard iPad App, communication between CAMO and MRO has never been so simple. Instantly share job description and retrieve data from your technicians. From the iPad app, technicians can:

• View all assigned jobs.
• Open and read jobcards.
• Report findings, illustrated with pictures.
• Update parts, tools and resources used in seconds with QR codes.
• Sign off tasks and CRS directly on the device.

Online / Offline Work Environment
Blue MRO iPad App also offers all its features offline, all data is locally saved on your device, ready to synchronise when you reconnect to the internet.


TrustFlight for Aircraft Operators
The TrustFlight Suite powers a connected workflow for your entire operation. This includes products such as the Electronic Tech Log, MEL Manager and Centrik to enable a transition away from paper, as well as services to help boost efficiency and reduce risk.

TrustFlight for MROs
As a Maintenance and Repair Organisation, our Centrik software, CAMO services, and Digital Engine Log will help you achieve new levels of productivity, quality and insight into your operations.

TrustFlight for Leasing Companies
As an aircraft lessor, effortlessly register your assets with our blockchain-based Aircraft Registry, leverage our CAMO service for inspections & technical support, and access data insights with the Digital Engine Log.

The TrustFlight Suite of Products:

Engineering & Maintenance Sub-System (ARMS® V2 – EMSS)

The ARMS® V2 Engineering and Maintenance Sub-System (EMSS) empowers Maintenance Managers and Engineers with requisite information needed for sound decision making, to control and improve maintenance processes and continuously align it with flight schedules and operational requirements.

The reports generated by ARMS® V2 EMSS are compliant with statutory requirements of regulatory bodies. EMSS is reliable, affordable and user-friendly and its modules encompass all functionalities required to address Maintenance and Engineering operations of an airline, air transport operator or an MRO organization.

Modules & Functionalities:

  • Technical Records (TRM)
  • Quality Management (QMM)
  • Technical Services (TSM)
  • MCC Module with DOP Status Board (MCCM)
  • Engineering Planning (EPM)
  • Line & Base Maintenance Management (LMM)
  • Engineering Crew Management (ECMM)
  • Technical Publications Management (TPM)
  • Engineering MIS Reports (EMR)
  • MRO Management Sub-System
  • Workshop Management Module
  • Maintenance Job Costing & Budgeting Module

IFS Maintenix

IFS Maintenix is a comprehensive software platform designed specifically to help aviation maintenance management organizations address the business, operational, and technical challenges of managing aviation assets throughout their operating lifecycle.

IFS Maintenix Operator Edition was designed and built from the ground up to deliver an integrated, holistic approach to maintenance and engineering management. Unlike competitive solutions that provide only limited functional and process improvements, IFS Maintenix Operator Edition fulfills the promise of an optimized enterprise by helping increase operational effectiveness, meet industry regulatory compliance, and achieve greater year-over-year performance efficiencies.

IFS also offers SaaS-based aviation maintenance planning solutions designed to help commercial operators of all sizes boost the efficiency of their long-range and line maintenance planning. These solutions work with any M&E system to enable operators to make the most of the available maintenance resources and drive greater aircraft operational availability.

The Benefits of the IFS Maintenix Software

Aviation organizations that use software solutions from IFS are capitalizing on a maintenance management platform that:

  • Models their business in software, down to the component level
  • Incorporates their entire maintenance organization into one integrated process
  • Delivers real-time performance that enables dynamic planning and immediate reaction to changing or evolving business conditions
  • Provides a granular information model that ensure accurate and detailed asset maintenance records at all times
  • Offers the timely information insights required to increase quality and availability while reducing costs

In addition to providing the IFS Maintenix software suite, IFS offers world-class complementary services and support, including: business consulting, implementation, integration, training and 24×7 support.


AMASIS (Aircraft Maintenance and Spares Information System) is the integrated technical management software used by the departments and services involved in aeronautical maintenance.


Thanks to a comprehensive and reliable information system, all departments / services (technical office, engineering & planning, procurement, stores, workshops and production) in charge of the proper functioning of the maintenance work in synergy are working as a team.
Each actor has his or her own information from the enriched and controlled data of the other technical departments in order to optimise aircraft maintenance.
A modular architecture: The software package consists of 14 distinct and complementary modules which can be installed gradually according to customer needs. Each customer benefits from a product adapted to their needs while using a standard software package.
AMASIS Support : Contact +33 (0)5 67 80 18 52 – amasis@apsys-airbus.comAMASIS 9.38 is now available !

Among the novelties :

  • Enhanced maintenance task management: Application and Deadline tolerance management, Non aperiodic application and follow up
  • Enhanced stock and provisioning management: Black listed PN, Sub-assemblies shelf time follow-up
  • New printing feature: New printing progress follow-up display
  • New toolbox data loading options to gain time and enrich you database: Pre-defined PN lists to order and/or to position, PN lists on maintenance tasks…

And many more…
Do not hesitate to contact us → commercial.amasis@apsys-airbus.com

Communications Software (Airline Systems) Ltd

Communications Software (Airline Systems) Ltd. (Commsoft) has produced cutting edge software for aviation maintenance and engineering for over 40 years. Commsoft produces a market- leading product, which supports approximately 140 airlines, operators and maintenance organisations in 65 countries throughout the world.

The Open Aviation Strategic Engineering System (OASES) is an easy to use, but functionally sophisticated system which increases efficiency and reduces costs in many key areas. For flexibility and ease of implementation the product has been designed in a modular fashion.

The product set covers the following modules:

  • Core Module – OASES Operating Systems, Security Management, Database, Help System, Support Systems and System Development
  • Continuing Airworthiness – Fleet Reliability, Aircraft Build, Component Tracking, Assemblies, Maintenance Programme, AD/SB Control, Repetitive Defect Alerts, Deferred Defects, Tech Log Recording, Repair and Damage control, Dispatch Reliability and Forecasting (including a mobile forecast tool).
  • Planning – Maintenance Tasks, Maintenance Job Instructions, Documentation Control, Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletin Tasks, Material Pre-Loads, Access Panels, Maintenance Check Packages and Inter-Check Relationships.
  • Production – Task Status Classifications, Work Card Recording, Maintenance Findings, Labour Tracking, Material Tracking, Experience Log, Cost Collection and Control, Work in Progress, Tooling Control including RFID control of tools
  • Line Maintenance Control – Short Term Maintenance Planning, Electronic Data Integration, Integration with Technical Records, Integration with Inventory Database, Defect Histories and Troubleshooting, Electronic MEL and Fluid Uplifts Management.
  • Materials – Order Control, Stock Control, Shortage Control, Multiple Warehouses, Batch/Serial Number Traceability, Loan Control, Shipping and Stock Valuation.
  • Commercial Management – Creation of Quotations, Contract Modelling, Invoicing including:  Labour Rates, Material Costs, Freight Charges, Service Charges, Discount Structures, Sales Tax/VAT, Auditing and Reporting.
  • Warranty Module – Includes Warranty Agreements, Warranty Tracking, Warranty Administration and Warranty Reporting.

OASES Mobile options are available and applications have been developed for both Android® and Apple® devices. The OASES strategy call for more functionality to be moved to mobile devices in the future where this is required. The OASES Material App is currently available and allows stock look-ups to be carried out and stock audits.
The OASES system has a wide array of services ranging from implementation support, user training, system tailoring, as well as day-to-day help desk, maintenance support and update release services.

All of these services together provide the user with the professional service and reliability our customers have come to expect. The product is constantly improved and refined in collaboration with airline, aircraft maintenance and supplies clients. This has been proven worldwide in a variety of live maintenance environments from large LINUX systems to PC networks. These systems have been the basis for administrative procedures that have received FAA, JAA and national CAA approval. Commsoft OASES can also offer a Hosted Solution that offers access to the full functional capability of OASES but in a hosted environment, which is ideal for smaller operators, start-up operators and CAMO’s.

All modules are designed to talk to each other where necessary and form an integrated solution when used together. This integration means that data is only entered once and made available to the other modules as necessary throughout the system. The modules can all be used standalone, and it is initially this feature of the implementation at client sites that enables the project to be broken down into manageable parts. The modules will be implemented over the project timescales gradually adding the functionality from each additional module, to the whole project solution. This enables client sites to end up with the fully integrated OASES system and therefore an integrated solution. OASES uses the world’s leading database in Oracle. Oracle shares common features with OASES namely:

  • Speed – consistently the fastest in its class
  • Security and reliability – very high availability; proven security.
  • Scalability – can grow with your business
  • Integrated with ops, HR, finance systems, .ETLs and EFBs.
  • Cost – low ‘cost of ownership’

Our customers’ fleets range from five aircraft to over 100 and include most current aircraft types, ranging from small corporate and regional aircraft, up to ultra-large widebody jets.  This shows our flexibility and commitment to providing excellent service and support, to small and large firms alike.

For more information please contact:

Communications Software (Airline Systems) Limited,
6 Saracens Head, Main Road,
Brailsford, Ashbourne,
England DE6 3DA.

Tel: +44 (0) 1621 817425; +44 (0) 1621 817425;
E-mail: info@commsoft.co.uk
Web: www.oases.aero

Swiss AviationSoftware Ltd

Over three decades, Swiss-AS has been successfully developing, marketing and selling the MRO software solution AMOS. Our long experience, uncompromising pursuit of quality and safety and our commitment to equip Swiss-AS customers with a state-of-the art solution are the pillars which steer the development of the system as well as our service delivery.

While combining 30 years of innovation and excellence in the area of IT and aircraft maintenance, Swiss-AS has become a fixture in the MRO software market.

Swiss AviationSoftware Ltd. (Swiss-AS) is a 100% subsidiary of Swiss International Air Lines and thereby embedded in the Lufthansa Group, one of the biggest airline groups of the world.

The key differentiators that make AMOS stand out from competition are the system´s high degree of integration and functional depth coupled with ease of use.

AMOS allows our customers to successfully manage their maintenance, engineering and logistics needs and to assure their compliance with a complex system of aviation regulations. The M&E software solution AMOS consists of nine modules which build the heart of the system while two additional functional sets (Human Resources, Financial Management) complete the system


After many years in business, Swiss AviationSoftware (Swiss-AS) has succeeded in offering the market a system that meets the fast changing demands of a highly dynamic industry and has attracted more than 180 customers worldwide. The number and size of customers who newly select, or continue to place their trust in AMOS, speaks for itself.

AMOS is the perfect fit for:

  • airlines of all size and type, from start-ups to tier-one organizations
  • MRO providers
  • CAMO organisations and other aviation companies.

The large community of expert users with their in-field experience has fundamentally contributed to the making of AMOS. Jointly working with our customers and being passionately committed to their needs allowed Swiss-AS to grow AMOS into a mature, proven, internationally renowned, high-quality system. The long-term success spurs us on to continuously develop new features, concepts, and value-added service packages for our customers.

The current focus of Swiss-AS is to assist the large circle of AMOS customers to shape and accelerate their digital transformation process while promoting all necessary initiatives that will bridge the digital gaps in the MRO process landscape.

AMOS Services

In order to be able to give our customers the most benefit from the implementation of AMOS, Swiss-AS offers a full package of services. We cover the whole range of services and thereby guarantee a successful and reliable AMOS performance. Ranging from initial requirement studies to system installation, from user training to consulting and 24h/7d support – we have the bespoke solution for any specific customer requirement.

Aviation InterTec Services

AIS offers its flagship RAAS product as the natural maintenance management solution for the broad, dynamic, and populous mid-tier of the worldwide aviation industry. RAAS was developed by AIS to provide the comprehensive integrated functionality of the best aviation maintenance management systems at a cost that’s within reach of the mid-tier market. RAAS brings the quick deployment, ease of support, and low TCO inherent in cross-platform browser-based information systems.

RAAS is an MRO and CAMO software system designed to meet the needs of mid-tier commercial fleet operators.  Enabling modern, high-efficiency workflows in a powerful and straightforward package, RAAS is the best fit for mid-size fleets and user groups. 

Scalable, intelligent and 100% browser-based, RAAS includes efficiency-creating features such as automated real time airframe time updating and exchange of aircraft next due items, electronic technical dispatch, MPD/MRB driven program management and check package creation, purchase order e-approval and e-signature, integration with finance/accounting for payables or inventory value management, and of course approved paperless and e-signature maintenance processes from the hangar floor to the cockpit.

RAAS customers enjoy the benefits of a widely accessible and easy-to-use inventory management and maintenance support system that through continued use is able to reduce maintenance costs by increasing maintenance procedure efficiency, reducing held inventory, providing proof of quality for inspection escalations, and by directly reducing clerical manpower requirements.

The quick deployment, ease of support, and low TCO inherent in cross-platform browser-based information systems coupled with high levels of integration, easy-to-use user interfaces, and many automated reporting and data analysis features make RAAS a leader in its field.




Embracing ever progressing technology, Trax has released a web-based maintenance and engineering software . eMRO has been developed with our users to provide what is the most comprehensive and advanced maintenance software solution available today, with the best sales and implementation record of any M&E solution provider ever. 

The eMRO system is a fully integrated web-based product, which allows complete information flow between the modules in the system and provides the means to manage and maintain all information generated by a maintenance organization. Improved efficiency and lower costs can be achieved through the use of this product. 

  • Latest operating systems and browser independent.
  • Mobile access and iPad support for many functions, particularly in the Aircraft, Line, Hangar and Warehouse Management areas. 
  • New functions include Manpower optimization and E-enabled aircraft capabilities.
  • LDAP capability and further Networking security has been added.
  • RFID has been added for Inventory functions and safety equipment management, and will continue to be deployed thru other areas in the system in the future.
  • True web-based application deployment.

User group meetings and specialist seminars are held on a regular basis. These are proving useful to the user community in terms of relaying their continually changing requirements to Trax – and allowing Trax to stay at the leading edge of industry developments.


With the suite of eMobility tools, there is an app for every maintenance task. These offline-capable iOS apps are designed with each worksite in mind and connect seamlessly to eMRO. With these streamlined apps available from a mobile device, the database goes wherever your worksite takes you. Mechanics can review diagrams without leaving the aircraft; pilots can key in defects from the cockpit; and ground crews can input turnaround data directly from the gate.

You can manage your fleet with real-time accuracy. With up to the moment information, the eMobility apps help cut downtime by allowing problem-solving on the spot. Staying informed helps keep urgent decisions from becoming timely delays. If users are outside of wireless range, the offline-synchronization feature stores your data on the tablet until within range. Once in range, the apps automatically sync their data with the database.

Your operation can maximize efficiency by choosing the apps that best fit your needs.

Click on each of the listed modules to view the areas that the eMRO and eMobility solutions cover.


2MoRO is an innovative company dedicated to software development for the Aeronautics and Defense industry. We also have been playing a significant part in hosting European Research and Development programs aimed specifically at pioneering new technologies and standards for the Aerospace Industry.

We belong to Sopra Steria Groupa European leader in digital transformation (+50,000 employees and € 5.1 billion of revenue in 2022), which provides one of the most comprehensive portfolios of end-to-end service offerings on the market: consulting, systems integration, software development, infrastructure management, and business process services.

Over the past 20 years, our team has provided Aviation Software (Aircraft Maintenance, Fleet Management, Configuration Control, Collaborative platforms, and Technical Referential) in conjunction with worldwide key players of Aeronautics & Defense, such as Airbus Helicopters, Dassault Aviation, and Safran Group. Our software suites have been operated in more than 20 countries and across multiple companiesOEMs, Joint VenturesAirlines, and Aircraft Operators with their own MRO center and independent MRO centers

2MoRO has also been an SAP Partner for more than 15 years, and we have a long and proven track record of integration with SAP ERP systems (SAP ECC, SAP Business One).

We propose two MIS (Maintenance Information Software) to fit every type and size of Aviation, Aerospace, and Defense companies, as well as a training platform; find out more below.

Aero One® is a SAP Business One® Add-On Solution dedicated to small and medium Airlines, Aircraft Operators, MRO shops, and OEMs that are looking for an integrated information system to cover all their needs. SAP Business One® provides Financial, Sales, Purchase, Warehouse, Manufacturing, and Human Resources functionalities. Our add-on, Aero One®, focuses on A&D-specific needs like Fleet Management, MRO & Execution, Customer Relationship, and Support Management

This solution is often chosen by our customers who are willing to implement an information system with one unique user interface and one unique database within their company. They want to ensure the integrity of their data and stop having to exchange information between the different software used for financial, warehouse, or MRO data. SAP Business One® is a world-leading solution deployed in more than 70,000 companies in more than 170 countries.

Aero One® is operated in more than 14 countries and is available in 5 languages (English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, and French).

Aero-Webb® is a web Maintenance Information System (MIS) composed of a suite of modules that enable end-to-end A&D process management around aircraft & engine maintenance, airworthiness, fleet & flight trackingconfiguration management & controltechnical referential, logisticshuman resourcesmaintenance forecasting and optimizationmobilityconnectivity with other information systems (PLM, ERP, MIS, …).

Aero-Webb® can be used on-premises or remotely (SaaS software) and is considered by our customers having SAP implemented as an alternative to customized developments in SAP. For the other customers, Aero-Webb® is a helpful alternative to the implementation of a new dedicated MRO software in their existing Information System. 

Its modular & open architecture enables you to leverage the investment made in your current MRO IT Solutions by activating the appropriate high-added-value functionalities. The 2MoRO team will help you identify your real needs to use only the modules that you really need. The benefits of such a process are reduced costs of ownership and a more rapid return on investment. 

Aero-Webb® is the solution for medium to large airlinesaircraft operatorsMRO centers, and OEMs looking for an advanced solution to build or complement their IT landscape.

Aero-Webb® is used in large companies such as Safran and Dassault.

OLATU®, our latest solution, is an innovative digital training platform that provides A&D companies with the educational tools to train staff 24/7 on all aspects of In-Service Support: airworthiness management, maintenance planning and execution, logistics, and more.
Our offer is dual: first e-learning, presenting generic business processes and functions integrating aeronautical MCO segments (fleet management, line, structure, engines, equipment, modifications), compliant with regulations and standards (ASD, BPMN, etc.). And then training, offering exercises with the simulation of concrete scenarios of increasing complexity and adapted to different generations of aircraft (e.g., planning skills development). These exercises are performed in a real Maintenance Information System: Aero-Webb®, used by major players in the Aviation & Defense industry.
OLATU® is accessible on the web and reduces the time and costs of initial training (classic and by apprenticeship), type, and continuous. It allows different levels of planning: execution, operational, tactical, and strategic.

At 2MoRO, we are proud to offer very dedicated customer services, as reflected in our 95% retention rate. We work mainly on a fixed-price basis, and we are ISO 9001 certified for aviation software development, maintenance, and support.

If you are interested in building your software around your specific needs (many functionalities or a specific one), call us to discuss it!