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Aircraft IT is associated with Aircraft Commerce, the organizers of the highly successful series of Aviation MRO & Operations IT Conferences.

1) Aircraft IT Introduction
2) Software Search Engine
3) Private one-to-one Software Demos
4) Webinar Sessions: Live Software Demonstrations
5) Aircraft IT eJournal
6) Latest News and Technology Updates;
7) Aircraft IT: it’s YOUR reference tool; feedback needed!

AircraftIT Introduction:

Aircfraft IT is the leading edge platform in aircraft maintenance and operations. There are always new and updated IT solutions coming to market, all designed to assist in making better use of resources and assets through lower costs, increased efficiency, better route planning, enhanced flight deck access to information, better informed ground handling, and improved payload and fuel management. It all adds up to a better customer experience and a stronger bottom line.

But choosing IT software is not a simple matter; after all, it has to address the matrix of needs, priorities and solutions into which this sophisticated market has grown. Aircraft IT is an invaluable one-stop reference resource where IT users and decision makers in airlines, aircraft operators, and maintenance facilities worldwide can review all the major systems available, learn from current users’ experiences and consider how different systems might perform in their own businesses.

Software Search Engine:

Use the search engine above to learn more about each IT vendor and the systems they provide. You can search by vendor or you can drill down further and search by software / module type, using the Software Search Engine facility. Therefore, if you are looking for EFB software solutions or information for example, select the EFB software module and all the relevant software providers will be shortlisted.

Private one-to-one Software Demos:

Use the AircraftIT Maintenance and Operations portal to arrange private one-to-one internet demonstrations with your vendor(s) of choice, to quickly create a shortlist or to simply find out more about what solutions are available. Whichever you decide to do (do them all, if you wish), the private software demonstrations represent the ideal bespoke solution where all your questions regarding particular software solutions can be answered directly and by experts.

Demonstrations take place using the bespoke Aircraft IT webinar platform, and you decide on your preferred time and date for the session. The IT vendor will confirm the session and you will then receive your unique username, password and login information.

Webinar Sessions: Live Software Demonstrations:

Every week, the Aircraft IT Maintenance and Operations portals alternate between hosting a live software demonstration webinar, each event delivered by a different vendor. These sessions represent the perfect opportunity to learn about a software solution in a more informal manner and to quickly gain an in depth knowledge of all the major systems on the market.

The IT vendor provides a live software demonstration of their solution and explains how it can benefit airlines, aircraft operators and maintenance providers. Once logged on, online delegates can ask questions via the interactive white board or simply sit back and watch the demonstration. There are two sessions during the day, each differently timed to accommodate all time zones. A full list of upcoming live software demo webinars can be viewed at the Webinar tab above.

Aircraft IT eJournal:

We’ve harnessed the expertise of industry insiders and IT users themselves to provide a comprehensive reference source for the industry with each eJournal including white papers from leading industry experts and consultants, and case studies from real life IT users – airlines and aircraft operators.

The eJournal operates as a perfect platform for the global exchange of ideas and expertise, and you the reader are invited to take part, using the interactive capability of this publication. At the end of each white paper and case study there is an option to either ask the author a question or to contribute general feedback and start a discussion – look out for the interactive buttons.

The eJournal is published bi-monthly and is free to everyone, but to receive every issue you will need to register for a subscription, click on the eJournal tab in the menu bar above to order your free subscription and to view what articles are coming up.

Latest News and Technology Updates:

Let AircraftIT Operations Keep you up to date with the latest industry news and developments such as who has purchased what system and which IT vendors are offering updated or new solutions. The news stream is constantly updated on the portal and included every two months in the eJournal. Click on the latest news items on the homepage to view the full content.

Aircraft IT: it’s YOUR reference tool; feedback needed!

Aircraft IT is designed to provide the aircraft maintenance and operations communities with the high quality information needed to navigate the myriad IT systems available on the market and to support properly informed decisions on what has become a business critical process for the industry.

We therefore need your feedback to ensure that we have delivered all the information that you need. Is there anything extra you would like to see covered in Aircraft IT? Or is there more information you would like to tap into? Do you have a case study or white paper you would like to share with your colleagues? Get in touch with us using the contact tab above. We look forward to hearing from you.

With best regards,
Ed Haskey
Director – AircraftIT