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Webinar Overview

Register to view this On-Demand Webinar (recorded 12th October 2023) and join digital aviation maintenance specialists Rusada, to see how the latest technology can digitize the end-to-end maintenance processes of PDF task cards and work packages for 3rd Party Maintenance. During the Webinar, Rusada experts will take you on a demo tour of a day in the life of an ENVISION-powered maintenance facility showing how the new PDF Task Integrator can simplify the loading and execution of a customer’s task cards in a digital format.  You will then see a step-by-step guide, using a real-world scenario, following the workflows of key personnel (mechanic, supervisor, planning, etc.), from first receipt of the customer’s work package, to assigning and executing the tasks electronically, before providing the customer with a PDF of their fully completed work in their preferred format.  The Webinar will show how these paperless processes and new digital tools eliminate the need for MROs and airlines offering 3rd Party Maintenance to duplicate customer’s work packages across multiple formats, and work off paper task cards, whilst delivering greater efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

The ENVISION Demos will show a step-by-step Guide to digitizing Task Cards and Work Packages:

  • Step 1: PDF Task Integrator – Seamlessly Import PDF Task Cards from Customers
    First you will see how ENVISION uses state-of-the-art technology to seamlessly import PDF task cards from customers, both individually and for a whole work package. The system’s PDF Task Integrator will then intelligently discover all the required signoffs within and link the card to your internal work order.  

  • Step 2: Production Planning – Define Task and Work Package Requirements
    With the PDF Task cards in ENVISION and the system helpfully highlighting the required sign-off boxes, planners can define additional requirements (measurements, text, date, etc.) and set who has the skills to sign off each step.

  • Step 3: Supervisor Task Assignment – Assign Tasks to Individual Mechanics
    The Maintenance Supervisor will view the list of open tasks, as well as their list of available Mechanics. With this information they will then assign tasks to individual Technicians, so that the Mechanic knows what work is required.

  • Step 4: Maintenance Mechanic – Complete the Tasks and sign-off Electronically
    The Maintenance Technician will then take over and use ENVISION’s Task Execution Portal to view the open tasks assigned to them. Next, they can start booking time on a task and will be given a full view of the customer’s task card – including any signoff boxes that they have the skills and stamp to complete. If the Mechanic needs to add further information or content, they can do this via the interface. Once the task is complete, they can sign off the task electronically – where a physical image of their stamp is presented in the selected signoff box.

  • Step 5: Production Planning – Send Completed PDF to Customer
    Finally, we’ll go back to the production planner, who can provide the completed PDF directly to the customer, complete with all electronic signoffs and detailed task reference sheet.

Rusada will finish the session by revealing what is on the horizon to make this process even better in the future, followed by a live Q&A.

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