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Real-Time Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Platform to Transform Flight Operations, Engineering, and Safety Demo Webinar [Vistair Intelligence Platform Demo: Dashboards, Data Alerts, Actionable Insights; Data Challenges; more]

Register to view this On-Demand Webinar (recorded 16th November 2023) to see the latest developments in dynamic business intelligence and data analytics in aviation, via a demo of the new Vistair Intelligence solution. As you will see, Vistair Intelligence combines airline data from any source (safety management, operational data, maintenance records, document library, etc.), allowing users to investigate and drill down into the data for near real-time actionable insights to optimize efficiency, safety, and compliance companywide. During the Webinar, you will be taken on a full demo of the solution, showcasing how it accesses and unlocks critically important data to transform Flight Operations, Maintenance & Engineering, and Safety, providing insights and analytics into questions such as:

  • Occurrence analytics – what types of occurrences are being reported? Where? When?
  • What’s the compliance status for read-and-sign documents, and up-to-date devices?
  • What’s the ratio of MAREPs to PIREPs;
  • Which airport has the most delays and why;
  • What is the Aircraft Technical Reliability status;
  • plus lots more.

As you will see, Vistair Intelligence is suitable for all airlines and operators, MROs and more worldwide, and can flexibly ingest a wide range of structured and semi-structured data from APIs, databases, network locations, and more, to build dynamic analytics which, when combined with operational data, generate new insights.

The Webinar begins with a look at the challenges in and importance of extracting and utilizing key data. In an ever-evolving aviation industry, the importance of data in optimizing operations and elevating safety outcomes cannot be overstated. Many airlines have high volumes of data that hold key insights about operational and safety performance, but accessing, sharing and actioning these insights is often extremely difficult. As you will see Vistair Intelligence addresses these challenges with a data analytics platform designed for non-data professionals, which empowers airlines’ operational, engineering and safety teams with easy-to-use self-service, data driven alerts, and simple sharing of insights.

The Webinar is divided into 4 Key areas:

  • Vistair Intelligence Overview and Data Streams
    You will see how Vistair Intelligence empowers non-data professionals with quick access to data for data-informed decisioning including:

    – How Vistair Intelligence brings speed, simplicity, and seamless access to how data is understood and used.
    – The highly intuitive user interface which empowers airlines’ operational, engineering and safety teams with easy-to-use self-serve analytics, data driven alerts, and simple sharing of insights.
    – Access to faster and higher quality data-informed decision making.
    – How the platform combines data from any source including: safety management data; airline operational data; Document library metadata, usage statistics, and compliance metrics; engineering maintenance records; and more.

  • Vistair Intelligence Demo 1: Safety Management
    Next you will see how Vistair Intelligence supports Safety Management.  You will see how the platform enhances safety risk analysis and safety outcomes by proactively identifying and addressing root causes and providing visibility of safety performance indicators, such as:

    – Occurrence analytics – What types of occurrences are being reported? Where? When?
    – Surveillance activities, such as Runway Inspections and Effective Implementation.
    – Visibility of risks and mitigations, as well as measuring the effectiveness of those mitigations.
  • Vistair Intelligence Demo 2: Technical Library and Document Management
    Next you will see how the platform supports document management and technical library personnel, answering questions such as:

    – What’s my compliance status for read-and-sign, and up-to-date devices?
    – Who’s viewing our documents, and for how long?
    – Which documents are up for review in the next month?
    – Which documents are not being looked at by anybody? Can they be retired?
    – Visibility on document usage statistics​.
    – Validation of remote MRO usage.

  • Vistair Intelligence Demo 3: Maintenance and Flight Operations Engineering
    Finally you will see how Vistair Intelligence enables airlines and MROs to reduce aircraft downtime, and ensure more efficient, data driven aircraft maintenance and flight operations, providing insights such as:

    – Aircraft Technical Reliability.
    – What’s the ratio of MAREPs to PIREPs.
    – PIREPS per ATA Chapter.
    – Which airport has the most delays and why?
    – Assessment of operational efficiency gains.

About the Aircraft IT Webinar Series:

Every 2 weeks the Aircraft IT website hosts a different live Webinar, each Webinar hosted by a different IT Vendor. These sessions represent the perfect opportunity to learn about a software solution in a more informal manner and to quickly gain an in-depth knowledge of all the major systems on the market, all from the comfort of your own office or home with no sales pressure.

The IT vendor provides a live software demonstration/masterclass of their solution and explains how it can benefit airlines, MROs, Operators, OEMs, Leasing Companies. Once logged on, online delegates can ask questions via the interactive sections of the Webinar or simply sit back and watch and listen to the demonstration. There are two sessions during the day, each differently times to accommodate all time zones.

Each Webinar session is recorded, and an On-Demand version is then posted back to the Aircraft IT website a few days after the live session to allow you to view the content again with your colleagues. The library of On-Demand Webinar recordings provides an invaluable reference source of Flight Operations software demonstrations from the World’s leading Flight Operations IT Vendors.

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