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Advanced Aviation Risk and Safety Management Platform Demo Webinar [iQSMS Risk Assessment Demo for Typical Airline; Step-by-Step Guide to set up Risk Management Process; Automated Risk Register; Monitoring Safety Controls, more]

Register to view this On-Demand Webinar (recorded 24th August 2023) to see, via a walk-through demo of the industry-leading integrated Quality and Safety Management software solution – iQSMS from ASQS, how the latest digital advances in web-based solutions and apps is transforming the face of modern aviation risk management. iQSMS is used by over 300 aviation companies including airlines, MROs, OEMS, operators, UAVs, Ground Ops/FBOs, airports and more, with 195,000 active users worldwide. During the Webinar, the iQSMS demo will follow a step-by-step guide on how to implement a powerful and intuitive end-to-end Risk Management process for a typical airline, showcasing the dynamic and automated features whilst meeting stringent legal standards for ICAO, EASA, IOSA, FAA and more.  You will see how to perform risk assessments, assign responsibilities and due dates for the implementation of risk mitigations, and then verify and monitor the effectiveness of the safety control actions taken, along with the approval process; plus, how to seamlessly keep the Risk Register up-to-date – all in digital format. Advanced features you will see include automatic alerts when risk assessments need to be reviewed, the auto-logging of revisions for each risk assessment to ensure compliance, seamless integration with safety / hazard reports and third-party data, and more.  Finally, you will see how the solution is fully adaptable and configurable for each company from each aviation sector, including unique drop-down menus, plus controlled log-ins, ensuring the right people have access to the data.

The Webinar begins with an overview of ASQS and the industry-leading iQSMS solution including a look at the core modules (Quality, Reporting, and Risk) before focusing on Risk Management. During the Webinar you will gain a comprehensive understanding of risk management in aviation, understanding methodologies and tools for identifying and assessing risk, and learning how to develop, implement, and monitor the risk mitigation strategies so crucial in maintaining safety and preventing accidents.  You will see how the iQSMS Risk Management process is built on industry standards including ARMS Methodology for integrating reactive (safety / hazard reports) with proactive risk assessments crucial to provide a holistic risk management strategy; plus, the Bow-Tie assessment principle to analyse each Hazard / Unwanted state and then put mitigations in place to prevent future occurrences.

The iQSMS Demo follows a Step-by-Step guide on setting up Advanced Risk Management for a typical Airline:

  • iQSMS Demo 1: Risk Assessment Overview Dashboard
    First you will see the system’s interface and the comprehensive list of risk assessments.  As you will see, the dashboard shows upcoming tasks, who is responsible, revision number, identification of the risk, the status of the risk, publication date, risk status over time and if it needs to be mitigated, review date, and more. You will see easy edit and review features, along with smart filtering, text search and export options.

  • iQSMS Demo 2: Creating a New Risk Assessment (Unstabilized Approach)
    Next you will see a step-by-step guide on initializing and setting up a new risk assessment. You will see how to select the relevant airline department (in this case: Flight Ops), which fleet, and select from the airline specific assessment checklist or create a bespoke risk assessment (in this case: Unstable Approach), select assessors, set confidential levels, identify risk owner, and more. You will also see how to select initial risk and target list levels, fill in mitigation strategies, and establish the approval process.

  • iQSMS Demo 3: Implementing Risk Mitigation
    Next you will see an in-depth look at the process of planning and executing risk mitigation strategies. You will see how the risk owner enters the actions they have performed to mitigate the risk into the system, and how the assessor can: accept or close the mitigation action, update the current risk level, set up a verification date, and more.

  • iQSMS Demo 4: Verifying and Monitoring the Effectiveness of Safety Controls
    Next you will see how crucially the solution supports the verification of the effectiveness of implemented safety controls.  As you will see, alerts show overdue verifications and users can drill down into late verifications, and either update them, close or re-open safety controls.

  • iQSMS Demo 5: Exploring the Risk Register
    Next you will see a detailed walkthrough of the risk register, showcasing its features and capabilities.  As you will, see EASA guidance material forms the basis for the register, but it has been expanded and enhanced.  You will see details of each assessment, including: Assessment ID, details of the undesirable event (e.g., hard landing, pilot error, etc.), next review date, linked events, existing controls, initial risk level, target risk level, mitigations to implement, etc.
  • iQSMS Demo 6: Linking Safety / Hazard Reports to Risk Assessments
    Finally, the closing demo will show how the Reporting Module integrates seamlessly with the Risk Management Module. You will see how to import a safety report, set up a new hazard or occurrence category, or select an existing one.  In the demo the example of wind-shear will be used.  The user can select which pre-entered controls failed to cause this occurrence – in this instance the Weather Report was at fault as it did not pick up with wind-shear at the airport.  The system also allows companies to analyse, over time, which controls are failing more than others, providing companies with strategic support to mitigate occurrences in the long-term.

Who should attend?

This webinar is an invaluable occasion for aviation professionals eager to apply a structured, efficient and comprehensive strategy for proactive operational risk and safety management. It’s an essential exploration for those seeking to enhance operations through integration and process automation. Whether you’re aspiring to master organized methods or aiming to streamline your risk management approach, this event is a crucial opportunity to learn from the experts.

To learn more about ASQS and iQSMS, visit the company’s website at www.asqs.net and contact the ASQS sales team via this contact form or directly at sales@asqs.net for a full demonstration of the system or direct questions.