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Digital Tool Management and Tracking Solution for Aircraft Maintenance using Barcode, RFID, and App Technology Demo Webinar [inc: demos: Tool Pick-up and Return, Defect Reporting; App Demo Scenarios – Tool Handover, Pre-collection, Hangar, More]

Register to view this On-Demand Webinar (recorded 8th July 2021) for a full demo of the industry leading tool management solution, MROTools.io from QOCO Systems; developed using the latest barcode, RFID, Web and App technology and designed for airlines, operators and MROs of all sizes and fleets. As you will see MROTools.io streamlines the tool management process providing full visibility and control of tools while making it easier for engineers / mechanics to access the tools they need, when they need them, using their mobile devices. During the Webinar QOCO experts will use demos of the solution to show the fully digital tool booking (including search and handout) and return process using a wireless barcode scanner and voice feedback, as well as more advanced functionalities such as how a mechanic using the mobile app can: hand over a tool to a colleague without visiting the tool store, pre-book tools for collection, report tool defects including pictures, and more. As you will see MROTools.io integrates seamlessly with any M&E system, provides higher maintenance productivity, lower costs of tools and equipment, and improved safety through full transparency, control, and audit trail of all tool transactions.

The Webinar begins with a look at the challenges of managing tools using traditional paper-based processes, leading to slow pick-up/return procedures; broken tool audit trails, leading to a search of Work Orders and Defects to trace the tool information, and unused, lost or broken tools. Then QOCO experts will show you how the solution solves these problems, using demos of the key MROTools.io modules:

  • MRO Tools.io Demo 1: Store – Used by personnel at the general tool store for collecting tools and booking them for mechanics. Tool handouts and returns are managed with a wireless barcode scanner and voice feedback functionalities. This enables tool store employees to complete the whole booking process quickly and removes the risk of manual errors.

  • MRO Tools.io Demo 2: Hangar – This module is used by mechanics on either mobile devices or a desktop computer at the hangar. The module enables handover of tools to another mechanic in a controlled manner, reporting defects including pictures, and pre-ordering tools for pick up at the general tool store. While searching for tools, the mechanic can see the availability, status, and location of all tools in the system.

  • MRO Tools.io Demo 3: Kiosk – The Kiosk module enables self-service tool stores for mechanics closer to the maintenance site. Typically, this is an access-controlled tool area located in the hangar and for storing frequently needed tools, such as tools for A-checks. At large maintenance facilities, Kiosk not only lessens the workload for tool store personnel but greatly reduces the time spent by mechanics walking to and from a centralised tool store. A badge reader is used for identifying the mechanic, and barcode readers can be used for easy booking of the tools on a computer or tablet.

  • MRO Tools.io Demo 4: Defects – Used by mechanics, tool store personnel and tool managers, the Defects module ensures flawless defect reporting for tools, materials, vehicles, or other maintenance resources. When using a mobile device, a picture can easily be added to the report. The easy-to-use functionality ensures that line employees file a report as soon as they find a defect, improving the reporting process. Incoming defect reports are managed in a list view, where repair tasks can be assigned, and the repair process can be controlled.

Webinar Agenda

  • Introduction
  • MROTools.io overview
  • Demo: tool search and handout
  • Demo: tool handover
  • Demo: defect reporting
  • Demo: pre-collection functionality
  • Kiosk mode and automated tool stores
  • Wrap up
  • Q&A

About the Aircraft IT Webinar Series:
Every 2 weeks the Aircraft IT website hosts a different live Webinar, each Webinar hosted by a different IT Vendor.  These sessions represent the perfect opportunity to learn about a software solution in a more informal manner and to quickly gain an in-depth knowledge of all the major systems on the market, all from the comfort of your own office or home with no sales pressure.  

The IT vendor provides a live software demonstration/masterclass of their solution and explains how it can benefit airlines, MROs, Operators, OEMs, Leasing Companies.  Once logged on, online delegates can ask questions via the interactive sections of the Webinar or simply sit back and watch and listen to the demonstration.  There are two sessions during the day, each differently times to accommodate all time zones.  

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