World’s Leading Document Management System

DocuNet™ is the world’s most powerful document full service management and distribution solution.

It is capable of delivering a complete operational library and all mission-critical content across all platforms. With expertise in supporting all aircraft types, including Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer, the service is currently used by more than 30 airlines.

Balancing cutting edge technology with publishing expertise Vistair’s DocuNet™ is an efficient and effective document management solution forming is a vital component of the operational safety cycle.

In combination with CrewNet, DocuNet provides a vital bridge in delivering procedural change and ensuring crews are aware of safety and important operational related changes. DocuNet is just one component that supports Vistair’s continuous improvement through ‘engagement’ approach.

Continuous Improvement through Engagement

Vistair’s technology enables organisations to demonstrate a clear link between revisions in operating procedures and increased reporting to drive a safer organisation. With this quantitative data the airline can demonstrate risk control, reduction and improvement in AOG performance, driving down operational costs.

On a technical level the depth of service selected can include content control, publication, and delivery to all devices, platforms and destinations. The system has full backend control over manual distribution and EFB monitoring to device level. It integrates seamlessly with your management of internal subject matter and greatly simplifies your operation.

Which DocuNet™ Service is right for you?

DocuNet™ has been developed as a combination of both software and a service. Whilst DocuNet software enables a simple and interactive process for airlines to control the intellectual content of manuals, our service implements these changes to the master structured data within the manuals. DocuNet is a feature rich package of technology, experience and expertise which delivers the best in class solution at all points in your organisation.

Innovation & Development

Innovative features such as web-based resolution of amendment and revision differences (i.e. comparison tools), and exceptional user experience including revision resilient annotation, ensures that DocuNet™ enhances your live operation.

Above all DocuNet will simplify the associated complexities of manual maintenance, management and distribution, delivering a return on investment with the net result being a more efficient, compliant and safer airline.