ULTRAMAIN® v9 is industry leading, web-based, paperless M&E / MRO software. The key to efficiently monitoring and managing any major operation is real-time data collection. By intelligently using smart phones and tablets, which run on iOS, Windows 10 and Android devices, ULTRAMAIN provides solutions that simplify data collection in both paper-based and paperless environments. The well refined and mature software benefits both operators and maintainers by removing the complexity of data entry.

The result – a paperless system-of-record that is integrated, comprehensive and easy to use.

Our maintenance and engineering software is as deep as it is broad, as you can probably tell from the product listing provided below.Even though products can be licensed and implemented individually, they all work together right out of the box. Please read on to find out about the capabilities that interest you most.

Solutions include:

  • Aircraft Health and Reliability (AHRM)   
  • Configuration Management
  • Engineering Management
  • Maintenance Programs
  • Maintenance Planning, Maintenance Scheduling, Mobile Inventory, Mobile Mechanic
  • Capacity Modeling
  • Powerplant Management
  • Line Maintenance, Base Maintenance 
  • Labor Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Data Interchange  
  • Component Maintenance & Repair Management