Maintenance Planning

ULTRAMAIN’s Maintenance Planning capabilities cater to the full spectrum of aviation maintenance from Line Maintenance Planning to Base Maintenance Planning. Based on your organization’s Maintenance Program, maintenance forecasts can be aligned to the flying
schedule and projected ground time to maximize aircraft availability. And for heavier checks, hangar utilization and planning capabilities are supported.

ULTRAMAIN’s intuitive graphical interface, with dynamic Gantt-charts, provides for optimum management of work package planning by providing visibility of outstanding open work, forecasted maintenance requirements, and deferrals for an aircraft and its installed components. Additionally, work already incorporated into other work packages for the same aircraft is displayed. While planning, utilities provide the ability to revise packages and then add, remove, or transfer work scope to and from packages – all with full audit trails.

Within the work package, planners can see part availability in summary or detail. A powerful preload process is provided. Available or allocated labor information is displayed by options of shop, craft, crew, skill, shift, and work group across a specified date range or across the duration of the entire package.