eCabin™ allows cabin crews to electronically record cabin discrepancies quickly, accurately, and easily, thereby eliminating the paper cabin log. Using eCabin, the crew can view previous write-ups, as well as their status and resolution. eCabin integrates with ULTRAMAIN┬« ELB to allow the captain to review cabin crew entries and determine which, if any, should be recorded on the technical log instead of the cabin log, or eCabin can operate standalone.

eCabin also provides detailed passenger tracking including location and identification of passengers, loyalty program flyers, and special needs such as meals, wheelchairs, and more. The software supports tracking of groups flying together, tracking of unaccompanied underage passengers, and more.

eCabin correlates cabin problems (broken seats, malfunctioning IFE) with the affected passenger, which allows crews to provide supporting service recovery actions and tracking.

eCabin operates on smartphones and tablets under iOS and Windows 10 as well as IFE control terminals, and EFB devices. The software is touch screen in design, but depending on the device can also be operated using a traditional mouse and keyboard. Its user interface is a touch screen picture orientation with drill downs to allow cabin crew to positively identify and record problems using pre-established problem descriptions and codes. In this way defect data is accurately communicated to maintenance the first time. In addition this provides the data necessary for repetitive defect analysis. eCabin can communicate data to/from its ground system devices via various means including ACARS, cellular communications, and WiFi.

eCabin comes with ELB Ground System for secure connection to aircraft, easy implementation, and integration with your existing systems.