Configuration Management

ULTRAMAIN provides a powerful configuration management system that allows you to create configuration models that apply to assets you operate and maintain. When you create a model and associate it with an asset, you establish configuration controls for that asset. The model exercises control over the parts you can install on an asset and which parts you can install in a particular slot. Configuration controls help you manage your assets from initial purchase through final salvage. Whether a configuration-controlled asset is operational or stocked, you can track the entire asset life cycle through configuration controls.Configuration-controlled assets capture usage and repair history in a series of convenient views and drilldowns. Easy access to this information allows maintenance professionals to troubleshoot information quickly and efficiently, and analyze the historical performance of an asset to see what component, configuration, schedule, vendor, or manufacturer works best in a given situation. ULTRAMAIN integrates asset maintenance activities with planning and inventory teams by providing several drilldowns and views that give you access to scheduled maintenance requirements, component availability, and even the stores that supply the necessary components.For each configuration model, you can track revisions, append industry, regulatory, and internal references, identify required modification status and monitor compliance with internal and external maintenance activities. Configuration Management allows you to manage different levels of complexity, from the simplest component to a sophisticated, multi-leveled asset that consists of thousands of tracked parts. You can always see the latest assembly of your configuration-controlled assets.