Capacity Modeling

ULTRAMAIN tracks all kinds of information regarding your organization’s assets, maintenance requirements, inventory, labor force, and operating schedules. This information is readily available to Capacity Modeling. By combining the planned maintenance requirements with the availability of various resources and the operating schedules of your assets, ULTRAMAIN can generate models using virtually all available data. Capacity Modeling uses a Gantt viewer to display the data and offers users a choice of how ULTRAMAIN views it. The maintenance scheduler uses the modeling to evaluate your organization’s capacity to accommodate your maintenance program.

Capacity Modeling is one of the most powerful ULTRAMAIN products. It allows you to model your constraints, requirements and timelines where you can conduct varied “what if” scenarios. The software does the rest and displays the results in graphical form. Via drag and drop scheduling you can modify the model then re-project. Once you are happy with the resulting plan you can “lock it in” thereby making it a real plan that schedules needed resources.