Base Maintenance

ULTRAMAIN’s Base Maintenance functionality makes it easy to plan the hangar activities which are known, and adjust the plan for the non-routine maintenance activities that are unknown. When it comes to production planning, a highly intelligent task scheduler allows you to create a plan within seconds based on planned labor resources, task dependencies, phase of work, and work crew organization. An interactive Gantt-chart view of planned tasks gives you the freedom to make adjustments to the schedule graphically. Hangar maintenance supervisors have the ability to plan their labor needs with an allocation tool which matches workers’ skills with the planned tasks that require them. As the check draws near, assignments of workers to individual work cards can be made based on the allocated labor resources. Once work begins, a Work Package Monitor allows you to keep track of how the check is progressing in real-time. A dedicated workspace allows hangar personnel to clock-on to their assigned task cards, report findings, raise non-routine tasks, and clock-off task cards when finished.Finally, as you might expect, the parts, labor, and tooling costs associated with a hangar visit are tallied and presented in terms of both routine and non-routine maintenance, providing a clear comparison of the actual cost of the visit versus the estimated cost.