SmartSpace Production Logistics Monitor – Aerospace

Ubisense monitors the flow of kits and subassemblies through the plant and detects deviations from plan, creating a real-time view of status and alerts.

Operations teams can now proactively maintain JIT and JIS flow from origin to point-of-use with the aid of real-time guidance and automatic verification.


  • Wasted time searching for kits and subassemblies
  • Late delivery of kits and subassemblies
  • Out-of-sequence deliveries
  • Deliveries to wrong point-of-use
  • Assignment to the wrong product
  • Inability to adapt and re-plan against errors in real-world delivery status


  • Real-time location of kits and subassemblies
  • Aligning kit and subassembly movements with logistics plans
  • Detecting and alerting on out-of-sequence deliveries
  • Real-time detection of delays in JIT and JIS deliveries
  • Automatic verification of correct product assignment
  • Automatic verification of correct point-of-use delivery
  • Feed planning systems with as-is status to adapt operations to changing conditions


  • Reduced line stoppages due to parts availability
  • Reduction in quality errors from delayed parts
  • Better utilisation of materials handling equipment
  • Reduction in search-time waste