Electronic Tech Log

We will help you achieve

Validated records,
correct first time

Productivity increases from
time saved

An incredible return on

Paper Free. Error Free.

Reduce costly paper logs and eliminate transcription errors. Our intelligent validation catches mistakes before records are completed, ensures crew compliance, and automates away repetitive data entry.

This ensures that your aircraft records are up to date, accurate and always available wherever you need them.

“Using the TrustFlight Tech Log allows me to focus on the flying instead of the paperwork. With a simple overview of aircraft status, I can brief ahead of even arriving at the aircraft, and features such as the built-in MEL and electronic maintenance sign offs are superb. All of this makes my life much easier and reduces the risk of delays due to paperwork.”



Powerful Operations Support

From one aircraft to hundreds, our tools will aid in your operations and provide the information you need, when you need it.

Fleet Status Dashboard

Full Aircraft History

Smart Data Validation

With a clear overview of your entire fleet, you’ll know where your aircraft are and see upcoming maintenance.

Instantly available within the app, even when offline, or in the ops dashboard. The full history of the aircraft is always where you need it.

Data entered by pilots and engineers is validated instantly. Notifications and records are immediately dispatched to your ops team on trip close-out.

Designed with pilots and operators.
Continuously evolving.

Our Tech Log has been designed in close cooperation with pilots, engineers and airlines ensuring that it meets the needs of today’s operators. We never stop improving though and are constantly making new features available to our customers.

  • Fully digital Tech Log recording with journey and flight logs
  • Automated data import from popular flight planning, scheduling and maintenance systems
  • Full maintenance status and forecast
  • Receipt scanning and cost tracking built right in
  • Digital MELs to quickly record defects
  • Fully offline capable so your data is always available
  • EASA & FAA compliant. Suitable for both private and commercial operations

Seamless Integrations

We’ve worked hard to integrate our Tech Log with the most popular services to ensure that you only have to enter information once. Data such as flight plans and maintenance requirements are brought in, with utilisation, defects and maintenance sign offs sent out seamlessly.