Digital Engine Log

How does it work?

TrustFlight’s Digital Engine Log automatically maintains a complete history of every serialised part on your airframe. Each flight it travels on the aircraft and every event that impacts it is recorded securely in our immutable data store, so you can be confident that value is maximised through fully verified records.

Full Part Tracking

Each serialised part is treated independently and every event recorded, providing a full history of every single component from its inception through to end of life.

Assured Provenance

Purchasing a part with a TrustFlight Logbook means that you know everything about it from the airframes it was fitted to, right down to the landings it experienced.

Protected Value

The value of a part depends on its history. With the Digital Engine Log, this is immutable, allowing a buyer to be confident in the quality and authenticity of the part being offered.


All data around parts and aircraft is immutable, ensuring that the data cannot be doctored and thereby giving you confidence in the parts you own.

Fully Compliant

All data within our platform adheres to industry standards such as ATA Spec2000, in addition to being fully GDPR, EASA and FAA compliant. This ensures that your data can be transferred between compliant systems.


Data added to the platform goes though a multi-stage, event-based validation process to ensure its accuracy.

Automated Lease Returns

With our Digital Engine Log, we can provide a real-time overview of airframe compliance against a number of requirements including lease return restrictions. This greatly reduces most of the work at the end of the lease and lowers the risk of any airframe non-compliances or unforeseen lease extensions.

Capturing data across the complete aircraft lifecycle

By covering all Aircraft related events from flights through to maintenance events, you can be sure that the value of every serialised part is maintained.

Seamless Integrations

Interoperability ensures quick and effective data sharing between trusted stakeholders and common aviation software applications.