The Inventory module allows the user to manage aircraft and non-aircraft materials, as well as serialized and non-serialized parts, and kits.

Standard transactions are provided for within the Inventory section, such as: Bin Transfer, Adjustments, Scraps, Manual Issues, Picklist Issues, Return to Stock, Return to Vendor, Exchange Issues, Loan Returns, Warehouse Transfers, Build/Break Kits, Rental Issues, Order queries, Requisition Creation, Tool Tracking and more. A specialized Packing/Shipping interface is available as well for all applicable items.

Reporting and query options are provided for Inventory, Inventory Transaction History and Physical Inventory.

Other options include Manual Warranty Entry, P/N Initial Loading, P/N Reorder Level control, Physical Inventory Adjustment, Physical Inventory Count and Pick list Creation.

This module feeds information to other modules, and vice-versa. For example, when a Work Order is created for an aircraft, the materials required can be reserved using warehouse reservation routing and picklists created and printed in stores. Any items that are issued from stores can be tracked using the Work Order system, allowing total cost-based accounting.

Example Screen – Inventory Query Detail

Mobile inventory functions are available for picklists, issues, part query and others (using PDA or special equipment).

RFID functions are available for Tool check-in and check-out plus stock receipts/issues/transfers and other functions.