Weather Intelligence & Climate Security for Aviation enables airlines to adjust flight operations for any weather conditions, reduce billion-dollar delays, and minimize safety risks. Our platform displays over 30 different weather and air quality parameters, and includes  an interactive map that helps you visualize incoming weather risks to understand the impact at every airport.

  • Save $50K per airport per month by reducing in-air rerouting and delays
  • Minimize weather-related disruptions resulting in millions of dollars saved per year
  • Access 24/7 weather insights​ with minute-by-minute updates
  • Improve flight planning and boost operational efficiency

Everything your operation needs in one platform

  • Optimize Staff Safety, Scheduling, and Communication
    • Staff Safety: Keep crew members safe and save time reopening ramps by loading and unloading during ideal weather conditions.
    • Scheduling: Optimize employee schedules to avoid overstaffing and understaffing.
    • Communication: Standardize procedures to better prepare employees for severe weather conditions through alerts via email or text. Perfect protocols and quickly implement operational plans.
  • Weather Dashboards for Automated Decision Making and Proactivity
    • Weather dashboards and insights help you prepare and respond to inclement weather conditions including:
      • Lightning Alerts
      • Wind / Visibility
      • Deicing / Snow / Winter Operations
      • Flight Tracking
  • Advanced Global Weather Radar Coverage 

To improve global forecasting technology and capabilities, has designed proprietary radar-equipped satellites and will begin launching dozens into space over the coming years.

Our small-satellite constellation will be a first in the history of the weather industry, and bring critical weather radar coverage to the entire globe, including over oceans. This innovation will dramatically improve flight planning capabilities for transoceanic flights, leading to reductions in fuel consumption and enhancements in safety for flights around the world.

“This tool was designed with an understanding of the decision-making pressure airport leaders face every day.”

Ian Deason, SVP Customer Experience, JetBlue

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