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AdvancedAPM provides up to date performance factors for accurate fuel planning. The process is fully automatic and works for all aircraft types.
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Why APM is so important?
Aircraft deteriorate over time. It means that burning the same amount of fuel, older aircraft travel shorter distances than brand new one. Up-to-date performance data of each aircraft in the fleet is crucial for efficient fuel planning.

Precise fuel factors

  • Calculate fuel factors for FMS & Flight Planning System
  • Track performance of each engine and airframe
  • Update fuel factor just one day after change in performance
  • Be notified with automatic alerts if unusual changes in performance appear

Idle factor for descent optimization

  • Publish Idle Factor automatically on Flight Plans
  • Precise Idle Factor based on your historical flights
  • Taking into account unique performance of each of your tail

Easily integrated & Intuitive

  • One-time integration, then runs by itself
  • No hardware needed
  • Support of flight data from multiple sources (QAR, ACMS, ACARS)
  • Integrate APM results directly into flight planning system or other 3rd party software

Powerful analysis

  • Monitor 30+ charts and 50+ parameters in areas of aerodynamics, engine and air data sensors
  • Track history of each engine, independently of the airframe it is installed on
  • Get insights into engine thermal performance and thrust generation problem
  • Monitor trends before & after corrective actions

To read more about our products and to request a demo please visit our website