StaffNow for MROs

One platform for all your professionals.

Take control of your hiring process when Contractors are needed. With StaffNow, you will have access to a big pool of pre-checked Contractors as per the industry standards with multiple qualifications to cover your every need. You will get all the information you need about the Contractors who apply to your open positions instantly!

Get your projects done on time!

Reduce time and paperwork.
No more emails and phone calls. Processes and communication are automated.

Instant access to all contractors in the platform.
Immediately after publishing your offer, it reaches all registered contractorsand they can start applying to it. Searching through contractor profiles and sending personal requests is also possible.

Everything ready for your quality department.
Once a contractor applies to your offers, your production and quality departments gain access to all his/her documents for verification.

Real-time tracking of offer fulfillment.
You see the status of the hiring process of each candidate in real-time, including the contracting agency selected to fulfill the contract.