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StaffNow is the first digital platform that connects aviation technicians with MRO organizations to provide extra temporary workforce in an easy and streamlined way. Complex MRO requirements in terms of manpower are represented in an easy and transparent way so that approvals happen with a few clicks.

Streamline the way you source

StaffNow is a purpose-built online platform which solves a common pain point for all MRO when planning Base Maintenance tasks -a prompt access to necessary temporary staff (contractors).

Our vision of StaffNow is to improve and facilitate the access to highly qualified Contractors to all MRO providers in a timely manner to cover the specific needs of their work and the seasonal peaks inherent to the industry.

StaffNow provides an easy and fast fulfillment of requests with technicians with the right qualifications in the right time.

Take advantage of all the benefits StaffNow has to offer!

The process as you know it but easier and faster.

An easier, faster, simpler, and more reliable platform. You have the controls.

Thousands of contractors registered and increasing.

Request can be met in HOURS. Not days or weeks.

MROs and manufacturer use is FREE OF CHARGE.

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