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Smart4Aviation provide an integrated suite of modules which are interoperable, compatible and can be easily configured into one system.

1.1. Company Profile

Smart4Aviation is a company founded on a passion for aviation and the concept of harnessing the power of the Web to develop service solutions for the airline industry. The company was created by a group of aeronautical industry experts, software developers and engineers sharing their efforts to fill the gap in the market of web based solutions for airlines and associated companies. Our vision to provide a modular web based, integrated state of the system makes us the technology leader in the aviation industry.

Our Head Office is located in Amsterdam with two software development and support offices, one in Gdansk and one in Krakow Poland. We employ almost 200 software Developers, Architects, Designers, Testers and 24/7 support personnel. Each of our technical employees have been recruited from the leading Universities. Our sales and support offices are located in Amsterdam, Toronto and New York City. 

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction while serving client’s interests as an ally and a loyal business partner. The company aims to deliver its customers seamless systems which improve quality, accessibility and availability of information while reducing operational costs.

Our web based and mobile solutions with an exceptional support are recognized within the industry as being some of the most dependable and innovative in the market. All of our current customers such as Air Canada, Air France, Emirates, Air New Zealand, Qantas, easyJet, Thomas Cook, Thomson Airways, Alaska Airlines, Horizon Air, Martinair and Air Austral have all benefitted from implementing Smart4Aviation solutions.

We believe that in every aspect of our business, our key objective is to maintain a customer focus. This customer focus ensures that all activities, whatever they may be, will provide customer value. 

We believe our customers are our greatest corporate assets, and are our best sales force. We take our customer relationships very seriously and try to partner with all our customers allowing them to interact with our employees and to provide insight and input into the development path of current and future solutions. Smart4Aviation is rapidly becoming the preferred provider of software solutions for the Aviation industry both nationally and internationally. Our proactive approach to R&D and our outstanding customer service has made us the forerunner in this rapidly changing and demanding market.

  • Benefits from using Smart4Aviation solutions:
  • Increased productivity (the right information being delivered to the right person at the right time)
  • Reduce communication and operational costs
  • Improved operational awareness (critical information is entered and delivered in real-time and without delay)
  • Improve the present flight-planning, flight-handling and flight following processes
  • Support individual airline policies & procedures (the flexible and customizable rules within the system allows establishment of individual policies & procedures)
  • Reduced flight disruption risk (providing pilots and ground personnel with up-to-date inflight and on-route information)
  • Cost savings with “Self-Service”- mobile approach (critical information entered real-time at the source)
  • Improved customer service (critical information delivered real-time and without delay – flight delays, passage connects, special services, etc.)
  • Management by User-defined exception rules (alerts and rules are fully customizable based upon company policies & standards)
  • Improves cross-departmental communications, optimization & operational complexity (the right information being delivered to the right person or aircraft at the right time allowing for response and reaction)
  • Less errors due to automation (critical information entered real-time at the source)
  • Comprehensive audit trails (increased regulatory compliance & improved safety)
  • Improved regulatory compliance & flight safety (information is entered at the source, eliminating errors and insures safety and integrity of this information)
  • Increased utilization of manpower and aircraft (through advanced communication and automation for improved optimization of all flight related activities)

1.2. Smart4Aviation Portfolio of Solutions

Our suite of products includes following solutions:

  • Load Planning, Weight & Balance, Payload Management
  • EFB & Mobile
  • Communication & Alerting
  • Real Time Flight Tracking
  • Pilot & Cabin Crew Briefing
  • Weather Station & NOTAMs Management
  • Document Management & e-Reporting
  • Aircraft Performance
  • Fleet Scheduling & Operations Management

Moreover, Smart4Aviation is ready to support airlines in various IT initiatives. Our wide portfolio of IT Professional Services are provisioned by 200 IT engineers, that could be at your disposal

S4A modules work as basic building blocks which can be used to construct the system that will be tailored to the customer’s needs and will meet exactly their requirements. 

The customer pays only for what they really need, no more, no less. Moreover, some modules may be delivered in the ‘lite’ version – they provide basic functionality, which in many cases satisfies the company requirements.

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