Quality Assurance

This module represents an integrated tool mainly designed to achieve higher effectiveness and lower non-quality costs. It is oriented to those companies which implement quality management systems as well as those in process of implementation.

Throughout its functionalities, companies can define its quality goals and track their development over time, generating statistics, identifying and anticipating potential problems, as well as implementing and monitoring corrective action plans and preventive procedures in each business area, among other capabilities.

Additionally, the QA module makes it possible to easily manage complaints, improvement suggestions and new proposals for both internal and external customers, ensuring rapid answers and future efficient monitoring

The QA Module has been designed to comply with all the requirements of international certificates of quality and safety, especially with IOSA standards for airlines.

Main Functionalities related with QMS Administration:

• Process Management

• Determination of procedures coverage in relation to rules requirements

• Definition and tracking of organizational Indicators

• Manual or automatic indicators registration

• Management of QMS records lifecycle

• Management of incidences and suggestions

• Administration of internal and external non-compliances

• Full control of corrective and preventive actions

• Administration of Non-conformities (detection, cause analysis, etc.) and Actions (implementation, testing, approval, etc.)

• Provides statistical and control reports in a summary or graphic presentation