Alkym® Query & Report Management

In todays demanding financial climate control of all your costs is critical. With Alkym you have a tool to ensure you are in complete control of those costs. Whether it is stock valuation, resource cost management or interfacing with your accounting system Alkym will keep you on top of the finance brief. Whilst we do not offer a full accounts package we have all the data you require in an easy to transfer format for your Finance department.

With Alkym Query management you have the ability to data mine in a way that is both simple and flexible. There is simply no more advanced tool available than Alkym Query Management to allow you get the at  your data in the format you need it.

This combined with our in-built Alkym Reports Management gives to the customer ultimate control over your information.  

The complete integration of the different technological frameworks, processes and information sources benefits any IT system set-up. Volartec has developed flexible solutions which are easy to integrate into the different applications that make up the organization’s network. Based on international standards, this solution turns the implementation into a neat and controlled process for the customer. This holds through whether we from integration with internal Operations or accounting Systems or external data such as OEM information.