As an operator you naturally want to keep your fleet in the air as long as possible. Engine reliability is a key to staying on schedule, and minimum down time keeps your operating costs under control. At Snecma, our aim is to maximize your engines’ time on-wing and reduce maintenance costs, by handling everything from engine removal forecasts to on-wing service coordination. You can also rely on our remote diagnostics, a comprehensive 24/7 service that supports fleet management.

Our fleet management services give you all the benefits of Snecma’s global experience and OEM expertise for the CFM56. You will be assigned a dedicated fleet manager, backed by all of Snecma’s vast resources – ensuring timely, efficient handling of any issues that may arise. Your fleet manager keeps a constant eye on your aircraft and offers recommendations tailored to your specific needs, while coordinating our Customer Support Teams to make sure you get the right solution at the right time.