SafetyCube (Risk Management Software)


About the SafetyCube

SafetyCube is the first and only risk management software that integrates every side of your operational safety. With several years of research and thanks to an extensive expertise in aviation safety, Safety Line introduces innovative technology to fulfil your needs in risk management. To offer you an easy to use and reliable safety model, Safety Line chose the BowTie to manage risks through categorization of information and prioritization of actions. The process that would usually be overwhelming is made easy by intuitive interfaces and the overall simplicity of the SafetyCube.

The BowTie

The risk mapping is proposed in the form of BowTie. Describe hazards, undesirable events, consequences, and their respective controls in a single view.


By 2015, all IATA operators will have to comply with Enhanced IOSA. Safety Line offers you the opportunity to manage all standards, IOSA and regulatory compliance at the same time. 

SafetyCube’s modules

Safety Portal

Give the system manager the advantage of an administration interface as well as a web-access for all staff. 

AuditCube & SafetyNotes

  • AuditCube is an application designed to provide auditors with a capability to conduct audits without internet connection.
  • SafetyNotes enables you to create and modify reports offline (ASR, REX, MSR…) so that reporting is no longer a burden.

A dedicated website

As part of our customer care services, the new website dedicated to the SafetyCube gives access to more specific documents such as video tutorials, dynamic diagrams and procedure sheets.