Efficiency Services

Rolls-Royce Efficiency: Improving asset operation and maintenance to reduce costs

Running of an airline provides many pain points that manifest as operational inefficiencies. Maintenance surprises, process inefficiency, excess fuel burn, delays and cancellations all cost your airline’s bottom line.

The Rolls-Royce Efficiency service delivers mitigating solutions to these problems by mining troves of data and providing insights to improve asset operation and maintenance.

Managing the data required for these insights requires infrastructure and expertise. With billions of data points being generated per flight, the size of the data and disparate sources often requires significant wrangling. Our efficiency suite of products answers these difficulties.

With over 10 years as an established supplier in data services and a strong brand heritage in aviation, our experts will apply modern machine learning and data mining techniques to make your data perform to its full potential, allowing for reduced expense and disruptions.

Efficiency Insights: Explore your data with efficiency insights

Efficiency insights provides you access to a suite of out the box initiatives to help you optimise your service. Contracted total care data, enhanced by additional sources, means your information will be ingested, cleaned and presented via role-based access to the in-browser portal. Intuitive self-serve dashboards and reports address common pain points by providing insights on flight operations, automatically identifying emerging patterns and allowing users to respond early to trends on aircraft, route and airport.

Efficiency Management: Support decision making

All the benefits of Efficiency Insights, plus the support of our highly experienced Aerospace Consultants. Their expertise can aid with initiative management and facilitating cultural change required to enact efficiency saving techniques.

This service also puts you in control by allowing you to create, view and customise charts and dashboards allowing for anomaly investigation.

Efficiency Optimisation: Collaborate on your insights

The highest level of our Efficiency offering. Embed skilled Rolls-Royce experts, and their use of cutting-edge technology, within your teams to innovate and maximise the value delivered to your airline. Collaborate with us to offer a bespoke service allowing you to Identify and act upon even more opportunities to reduce costs.

Benefits realised with Rolls-Royce Efficiency Services:

-Significant cost savings: $30m dollars saved by a European carrier during contract.

-Supports the green initiative: Rolls-Royce Efficiency has underpinned 100,000 tons worth of fuel savings.

-Data Ingestion, Integration and supply chain management

-Data quality improvement, mining and flexible visualisation

-Dynamic and automated reporting

-Invoice reconciliation

-Forecast and budget (FAB) capabilities

-Flight profile mapping

-Opportunity Analysis