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RecoSense offers an AI-powered platform for document analysis and
data centralization. The platform powers Process Automations and
Compliance Management with MROs in the Aviation Industry. We
work as an Engineering partner with our customers to build enterprise-specific solutions.
Automate processing of manuals, process forms, M&E/MRO Records,
job cards – Routine/Non-routine even handwritten, Logbooks, EOs,
Technician reports, SFR’s, compliance and inspection reports, etc. with context and extract key Aviation metrics for analysis. The NLP-backed DocuSense platform swims through millions of documents to extract and consolidate the most relevant, insightful information to obtain valuable investment data. It will automate the process, which might take 1000s of manual hours to process. Thus reduces Turn Around Time ( TAT) while increasing perational performance and compliance through user-friendly interfaces.

The platform not just evaluates the data but also can understand
context through our unique knowledge graph.

RecoSense – Content Intelligence for Aviation

Aviation-specific Knowledge Graph

Aviation-specific Knowledge Graph

Enterprise Grade AI Platforms

1 DocuSense – Document Analyzer Engine‚Äč

2 Customer Data Platform – Unified Data Repository

3 Knowledge Graph IP

Enterprise Data Intelligence Solutions

Financial Services (BFSI), Healthcare /LifeScience

  • Accelerated Research
  • Compliance Management
  • Report Analyzer
  • Critical Event Identification

Digital Business Solutions

Media, Telcos, E-Commerce, Travel

  • Search & Personalization
  • Analytics
  • 360 Degree User Insights
  • Unified Data Repository

Process Automation Solutions


  • Anomaly Detection
  • M&E/MRO Automations
  • Inventory Forecasting

Automate Maintenance Audit

AI Transformation solutions with OCR for transcoding M&E/MRO reports and identifying any anomalies.

Damage Classification and Vendor Quote Analysis

Aviation-specific knowledge graph for building domain specific ontology and co-relations between key entities

Centralized Data Intelligence Platform

Unified Data Repository for Acquiring, Processing, Predictive modeling across the Data pipeline and Access management.

Analytics Module for Streamlining M&E/MRO Activities

Automate and streamline repair activities, acquiring device inputs, build insights, and visualize end use cases in custom dashboards.

Compliance Management with Alert Mechanism

Business Process Automation for compliance-driven processes with Alert mechanism to flag any deviations.

Energy Management and Monitoring System

Energy Analytics Module as part of EMMS to track and monitor daily energy consumption of equipment.

Predictive Analytics for Inventory Optimization

Forecasting Energy consumption, Raw materials, Resources, Machines, Cost, Time & Efforts, Profitability, etc.

Comparator and Recommendation Engine

Data validation frameworks to compare large volumes of data with benchmarked values, historical data, and third-party data.