Materials Management

Lower your procurement lead time, reduce inventory holding costs

Materials Management module helps you manage your inventory and procurement cycles, while also providing a framework to ensure that the parts are valid and certified from induction to disposal.

Dashboards aid material planners in making decisions with respect to unsatisfied material requests. Buyers are aided through supply chain performance tools to gauge the consumption history of parts, vendor performance ratings, and supply vs. demand visibility. The solution automates the complete inventory management cycle—from inventory tracking and replenishment to warranty management by minimizing the hassles of managing inventory of various ownerships like customers & PBH, and automating initiation of warranty claims based on component failure.

  • Leverage an advanced and eco-friendly solution to establish lean and agile supply chains.
  • Automate inventory replenishment using pull-based multi-echelon demand matrices
  • Utilize Bar-Coding and RFID capabilities to track and transfer materials in and out of inventory
  • Eliminate paper based communication with vendors with our exclusive eProcurement™ Solution which is spec 2000 compliant