Planning & Execution Simplified

Every airline operates through different environments (desert, marine, polar routes, etc.) and subsequently requires additional special inspections and checks on top of the standard maintenance procedures. Maintenace module equips the planners to view the due list via the intuitive graphical Gantt charts. Packages can be created in a single click and released to the production teams in various hangars, shops and line stations.

The production supervisor can view Gantt-based graphical screens to continuously monitor Work In Progress (WIP) and gauge bottlenecks, if any. The maintenance technicians are provided with a user-friendly interface to perform work, and record non-routines and request for material.

  • Have access to an easy to interpret graphical view of work center loads to enable manpower optimization.
  • Streamline costs through our exclusive solution for managing Ship or Shelf (SoS) items.
  • Monitor progress of both parent assembly and sub-assemblies, with provision to strip all components, piece parts and provide disposition across work centers.