Engineering & Programs

Untangle the puzzle of engineering information

Engineering & Programs module enables you to gain visibility into aircraft and component configurations, streamline maintenance programs and manage the impact of Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Directives. Ramco Aviation Solution is designed based on MSG-3 concepts, which enforce a task driven approach.
The Fleet Status Dashboards present a bird’s eye view of the performance of aircraft or fleet, across your organization—encapsulating key information while highlighting the immediate action items.

  • Make use of our flexibility to cope with permutations of allowable parts—from interchangeable to intermixing rules, MEL & CDL restrictions, etc.
  • Track Value and Cost, based on sophisticated component lifing counters like Retirement Index Number (RIN), Sling Loads (SL) in addition to Flight Hours and Flight Cycles, amongst others.
  • Get instant access to OEM Reference Manuals (AMM, CMM, SRM, etc.), using the Ramco ePublications™ feature.