PanaVise mount – The premium PanaVise mount is constructed of superior materials and is easy to secure. Other mounts leave air trapped, which, as altitude increases, expands and causes the suction cup (and device) to separate! Not good. In contrast, PanaVise mounts evacuate all air particles, creating an unequaled window connection. No air, no separation!

SuperGrip suction cups – Supple and clear, the suction cups on PIVOT’s PanaVise mount are at their best on heated windows, but they provide an amazing grip even on curved glass, unheated panes, or scratched, imperfect surfaces.

Land and air proven – PIVOT’s PanaVise mounts stay mounted and offer extreme reliability, keeping your EFB program running smoothly.

Seamless EFB Mount Transitions
– Launch your EFB program today. PIVOT has partnered with the leading suction cup manufacturer, PanaVise to provide mounting solutions for immediate EFB integration into the cockpit using Viewable Stowage Components*.

– Transition to Class 2 STC mounts (Supplemental Technical Certificate) when the time is right. PIVOT licenses the patented mounting design to all the STC manufacturers with a wide selection available.

*AC 120-76D:

Portable vs Installed:
“EFB equipment components supporting EFB applications are “installed” when they are incorporated into aircraft type design under 14 CFR part 21, or as a proper alteration under 14 CFR part 43, § 43.3. All other components supporting EFB functionality are considered “portable,” regardless of how often they are removed from the aircraft.”

Viewable Stowage:
“A portable device or component used to secure portable EFB hardware, which is viewable to the pilot (e.g., kneeboards, suction cups, and removable trays).”