The EFB solution designed with pilots in mind
A unique and amazingly simple way for devices to interact with the aircraft. PIVOT’s patented tablet case and universal mounting system, designed specifically for use by pilots in the cockpit, combines a high-performance streamlined case and mount in models available for all popular EFB devices. Pairing a state-of-the-art PanaVise suction cup and the PIVOT Parts Kit, this system is simple, effective, durable, affordable and scalable.

Better connection – between case and mount, pilot and data
With PIVOT, the case and mount join together using the patented universal quick-connect system, which only PIVOT offers. This technology is built into every PIVOT case, offering the user an efficient and consistent way to install and remove device from mount – every generation of the system will feature the same functionality.

With virtually no training required, the intuitive system becomes the common ground with your entire user group, no matter the size. Infinite screen adjustability (as simple as adjusting your car’s mirror) and resultant functionality give pilots unmatched opportunity to comfortably access and correctly process critical EFB data. Quite simply, a better connection between case and mount, pilot and data.