1. Future Proof
    Upgrade your Pivot knowing your mount will never be obsolete. PIVOT’s standardized mount supports current and future devices.  
  2. 360-degree adjustability

    You’ll get virtually 360-degree one-handed infinite adjustability, thanks to PIVOT’s mounting plate and the adjustable-tension dogbone design – a PIVOT original.  
  3. Panavise Mount
    The premium PanaVise mount is constructed of superior materials and is easy to secure. Other mounts leave air trapped, which, as altitude or temperature increases, expands and causes the suction cup (and device) to separate! Not good. In contrast, PanaVise mounts evacuate all air particles, creating an unequaled window connection. No air, no separation!  
  4. Supergrip Suction Cups
    Supple and clear, the suction cups on PIVOT’s PanaVise mount are at their best on heated windows, but they provide an amazing grip even on curved glass, unheated panes, or scratched, imperfect surfaces.
  5. Removable Smart Cover with Kickstand
    Provides padded protection to your tablet outside the cockpit, offers auto on/off functionality, and provides multiple viewing angles for work outside of the cockpit with the removable folio cover. Notches in the cover allow for an adjustable kickstand display.  

  6. Airflow design
    Only 30% of case back comes into direct contact with your tablet, providing an insulating air pocket that minimizes heat transfer common to other cases.