Route Network & Aircraft Economic Analysis

Pacelab Mission Suite

The one-stop solution for route and aircraft economic analysis

Finding the perfect match between aircraft types and routes remains one of airlines’ most complex optimization tasks. Pacelab Mission Suite for route network and aircraft economic analysis helps optimize the deployment and modernization of diverse aircraft fleets by analyzing the suitability of different aircraft types on specific routes in terms of technical performance, payload capacity, operational costs and potential revenues.

Your benefits:
› Assess the potential of existing & future fleets and select the right mix for your market, competition & customers
› Make more efficient use of the available aircraft resources
› Better match payload capacity to customer demand
› Maintain high load factors in peak and off-peak times
› Trade off complementary objectives such as maximizing revenue and minimizing costs

Key features:

› Quick aircraft definition and bulk creation of routes and route networks
› Detailed, graphic-interactive definition of fuel policies and other operational conditions
› Comprehensive analysis options including payload-range, limiting weights, ETOPS and re-dispatch scenarios
› In-depth evaluation of airline costs, revenues and profits on specific routes or networks
› Complex trade-offs of multiple aircraft, routes, runways, and/or economic parameters
› Definition of detailed ground-rules/assumptions
› State-of-the-art presentation of analysis results in easy-to-grasp reports, charts, and geographic maps