Fuel & Operational Efficiency Management

We make operational efficiency fly –
save up to 4% fuel with PACE flight profile optimization tools

Airlines committed to reducing fuel burn and emissions and improving their fleet’s operational efficiency must aim to operate as closely to the optimum flight path as possible.

EFB flight profile optimization tools Pacelab FPO and Pacelab CI OPS enable pilots to proactively seek ways of minimizing trip cost by adapting speeds and altitudes to changing conditions en route in all phases of the flight. Giving flight crews a clear understanding of the economic impact of their on-board actions helps airlines tap into a significant unused fuel-saving potential.

Your benefits:

› Save 1-4% of fuel per year, depending on aircraft type and FMS capability
› Increase profitability of flights (> 7% higher EBIT)
› Leverage the availability of real-time aircraft and weather data
› Better manage on-time performance

Pacelab Flight Profile Optimizer

Cost-efficient speeds & altitudes in all flight phases

Increasing the efficiency of flight operations is a top priority in the fiercely competitive global aviation industry. Fully leveraging the availability of real-time information and advances in onboard technology, flight profile optimization is a significant contributor to greater operational efficiency that significantly affects the airline bottom line.

Real-time EFB application Pacelab Flight Profile Optimizer uses live aircraft and weather data to advise flight crews on the most cost-efficient speeds and altitudes for the remaining trip, while respecting scheduled in-block times and other operational constraints. This enables flight crews to respond quickly and effectively to unforeseen changes along the route and to navigate the cost penalties of sub-optimum operations.

Key features: › Uniquely optimizes the most efficient trajectory for the remainder of the flight taking all constraints into account
› Optimizes step climbs and step descents independently of waypoints
› Provides instant visual feedback regarding the available optimization potential
› Reads real-time aircraft parameters such as temperature and wind from the aircraft’s data buses
› Processes the best available aircraft performance data
› Delivers significantly more accurate results than conventional on-board technology

Pacelab CI OPS

Cost index operations for regional aircraft

On aircraft equipped with an FMS that does not support cost index, cost-effective flying is left precariously up to the skill and experience of the flight crew. EFB application Pacelab CI OPS enables operators of regional and legacy aircraft to consistently harness the full potential of cost index operations, one of the few remaining “big-ticket items” of fuel efficiency.

Pacelab CI OPS allows pilots to determine the most economical speeds and altitudes for the current flight conditions and planned arrival time based on highly accurate aircraft performance data. Off-the-shelf versions are available for all major regional aircraft types including Bombardier CRJ, BAe Avro RJ and Embraer E-Jets.

Key features: › Calculates full and partial ECON trajectories taking into account cost index, planned in-block time, CG, etc.
› Calculates the most economical descent path of the flight profile
› Evaluates and ranks alternative trajectories to identify next-best solutions
› Permits variable cost indices and dynamically adjusts the CI value within the limits of a specified range
› Uses first-principles or best available performance data
› Supports pilot-friendly, use-case based approach › Provides add-on module for onboard flight monitoring