Airline Edition

Safety first

Airlines must comply with the stringent specifications of the supervisory authorities. Various manuals, including all changes to these manuals, must be submitted to the Federal Office of Civil Aeronautics for the airline to obtain licenses for its aircrafts and approvals for its air traffic operations. Airlines must also comply with the specifications of the Federal Office of Civil Aeronautics concerning airline manuals.

The safety standards and requirements that must be met by airlines are high even in day-to-day business. This applies in particular to operation manuals (e.g. OM-A, Operation Manual – Procedure A) and manuals such as the Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR).

TCToolbox Airline Edition allows you to significantly reduce the time required to create audit-proof manuals and still comply with the sector’s strict safety and traceability standards.TCToolbox Airline Edition helps you to create, manage and publish aeronautics documents. Generating entire manual revisions or exchange packages is done with a click of the mouse.

Advantages for our customers

  • Safety: manuals are updated based on consistent standards. Version and revision control allows you to trace back all changes and revisions.
  • Time-saving: re-using boilerplates and documents saves a lot of editorial work. Efficient searching via XML-based data and changes being applied to individual boilerplates in different manuals immediately saves time and money as well.
  • Large range of benefits:thanks to their convenient interface, the publications allow for fast and intelligent information access – especially the  application for Electronic Flight Bag (EFB). You can switch between daytime  or night-time mode, for instance. The software features efficient search 

Provide your employees with intelligent service documentations based on TCToolbox Airline Edition and add PDF-based or XML-based manufacturer’s documentations, such as Flight Crew Operations Manuals (FCOM), Master Minimum Equipment Lists (MMEL) und Flight Crew Training Materials (FCTM), to your in-house documentation.

Ovidius TCToolbox Airline Edition is tailored specifically to the budgets of small and medium-sized airlines and is available in different licences. Simply contact us!