About BladeFix

BladeFix uses advanced computational techniques to ensure the swiftest and most cost effect solution to the problem of fan blade replacement. Uniquely it provides for single blade replacement which allows your engineering team to use available stock much more effectively, saving valuable time and money. 

Choose the right blades for optimum balance

BladeFix Analyzes the moment weights of the all the blades on an engine and finds an optimum solution from the available blade stock.

Choose the best blades for turnaround time

Replacement  blades are often held in several remote locations. Ideally blades from the closest location should be selected to minimise delivery time.

Minimize the number of replaced blades to balance an engine

Single Blade Replacement allows significantly reduce stock levels up to  50%.

BladeFix at easyJet

The adoption of BladeFix 3 years ago to manage all our blade selection and balancing requirements has been an unqualified success for easyJet, we no longer require expert blade selection powerplant engineers to be on call just to cover this eventuality, we have slashed the time it takes us to select blades for both simple and complex blade events. easyJet can wholeheartedly recommend BladeFix to any operator that manages their own blade events.

Head of Powerplant, easyJet

Pair based solution: Matched blade pairs are selected from stock and distributed on the fan using both blade replacements and position swaps to achieve the lowest unbalance.

Single blade replacement (SBR): SBR solutions allow single blades to be selected, combined with blade swaps on the fan this will allow almost any blade to be used and has the potential to significantly reduce stock levels and increase possible solutions. If blade stock levels are low BladeFix will offer solutions using the minimum amount of trim weights to bring the engine into tolerance.

Direct import of blade stock and engine configurations: The import interface allows an operator to rapid and consistent initial data importing and subsequent data updating. BladeFix can keep blade stock and engine configurations up to date by automating data imports from your engineering systems.

Did you know? BladeFix is the only tool that enables the use of those single blades from your stock that would otherwise never get used.

AMOS integration

Our integration between AMOS and BladeFix has been a complete success, our bladestock levels and engine configurations in BladeFix are automatically updated multiple times a day from AMOS, once again it has eliminated a major source of pain caused by outdate engine configuration information and incorrect stock information.

Head of Powerplant, easyJet

BladeFix benefits

  • Dramatically simplifies blade selection
  • Reduces replacement time from hours to minutes
  • Even with low stock levels BladeFix will find a solution
  • Can be used by non-specialists to find viable solutions
  • Finds best solution from closest stock in minutes
  • Increases control when handling unexpected events
  • Integrates with major MRO systems like AMOS
  • Slash AOG time

Single Blade Replacement for CFM56-5B

Since it’s introduction the BladeFix “Single Blade Replacement” algorithm for our CFM56-5B has provided easyJet with savings of  0.3 million pounds annually across our fleet of 320 aircraft. It has reduced time to complete replacements and significantly reduced our required blade stock levels.  We have not seen any increase in vibration levels, we did not expect to because BladeFix always provides optimum blade configuration solutions.

Head of Powerplant, easyJet