Store and give instant access to all your data in one single place

Multi-standard & multi-format CMS International technical publication standards, manufacturer-specific data models, airlines company manuals, XML, SGML, PDF: all stored in one common repository for instant and collaborative access.

Full traceability

Keep all the different revisions of your publications in the CMS without compromising on the performance thanks to the Big Data-powered Library.

Streamline workflow

Library is the single access point to the different modules of the Orlando Suite supporting the technical publication workflow from editing to consultation.


  • HTML5 web application available as a cloud based or on-premises solution
  • Native support of ATA Spec 2300, ATA iSpec 2200, S1000D and aircraft manufacturers data models
  • Multi-formats: XML, SGML, PDF, JPEG, CGM, VRML, TIFF, PNG, WAV, AVI, …
  • Multi-users with profiles & roles management
  • Data loading & export features preserving original data schemas
  • Full indexation of any textual content
  • Word search with dynamic suggestions
  • Full traceability of document revisions
  • Data analytics
  • Notifications