SkyBreathe® Fuel Efficiency

Airlines save more fuel with SkyBreathe®

Each decision we take at OpenAirlines is motivated by our mission: maximizing the amount of fuel and CO2 saved by our airline partners.

Thanks to SkyBreathe®, airlines save every year more than 325 million kg of fuel which represent a reduction of over 1 million tons of CO2 and a financial benefit superior to 350 million USD.

What are the 5 main reasons why SkyBreathe® delivers superior savings?

1. The largest community of fuel-saving airlines

With 64 airlines partnering with OpenAirlines, for more than ten years; SkyBreathe® is by far the airlines’ most preferred solution for Fuel Efficiency worldwide. Having the #1 community of fuel-efficient airlines using our solution is a wonderful asset to push us further and to continuously improve our product offering.

Another benefit is the unique quantity of data that SkyBreathe can leverage to improve its models and train AI models. With more than 15 million flights processed in the last 10 years, we have experience with almost all aircraft and engine types, an unmatched number of airfields and approaches, flown routes, weather conditions, etc.

2. Performance-based computations improved with AI

SkyBreathe® is the most accurate solution in the marketplace to compute achieved and potential savings based on physics and ML-based performance models that take the exact flight conditions into account.

To compute fuel consumption and fuel savings, SkyBreathe® uses 150+ parameters recorded every second from the FDR data. In addition, it uses OFP, AOC, Mass Sheet, ACARS reports, performance, and Maintenance data…

On each flight, SkyBreathe produces more than 2 000 measures that can help airlines improve their environmental, economic, and safety performance. But more importantly its produce them with unmatched precision to guarantee optimal decisions.

3. Ease of use supercharged with AI

OpenAirlines value has always been to make SkyBreathe® an easy-to-use solution where the airline resources can focus on their core business: running their operations as efficiently as possible.

From day one, SkyBreathe was designed to be a fully automated fuel-saving solution fully hosted, maintained, and supported by OpenAirlines.

The solution’s sleek user interface is designed to guide the end users toward a quick discovery of where to save fuel with clear, actionable insights.

4. Pilot engagement
OpenAirlines also offers a dedicated mobile application, MyFuelCoach™, available on both tablets and smartphone and compatible with Android and iOS.
MyFuelCoach™ is key for pilot engagement and a game changer to reach superior savings.

“Pilots trust our eco debrief because it computes savings considering the exact flight conditions and the airline’s own SOPs with great accuracy.”

5.Going further in your fuel journey with SkyBreathe 360°
SkyBreathe® unique 360° eco-flying platform collectively addresses the challenges of every stakeholder involved in fuel efficiency (maintenance, flight ops, dispatch, ground, C-level, and external partners like ATM). Our coherent portfolio of solutions guides them throughout their fuel efficiency journey, increasing productivity, collaboration, and communication, and lets them investigate, monitor, decide, and act to maximize fuel savings.

The SkyBreathe community is the most prolific and innovative. That is why we can proudly state “Together we are Pioneers”. Every year and a half, OpenAirlines organize OpenDay events where the SkyBreathe users (60+ airlines) meet and exchange ideas to make sure innovation never stops.

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