SkyBreathe® EU-ETS

SkyBreathe® EU-ETS

An innovative carbon tracking solution ready for EU-ETS

SkyBreathe® EU-ETS is a fully hosted, simple to use and cost efficient MRV software solution to track and report your CO2emissions and comply with EU ETS.

SkyBreathe® EU-ETS is made of three modules:


  • Enter / aggregate ops data simply
  • Compute CO2 emissions
  • Produce EU-ETS regulatory reports


  • Ensure correctness through automated error detection
  • Avoid penalties and fines
  • Ease the work of the Verifier


  • Analyze fuel consumption by month, by aircraft, by range, by payload/range.
  • Analyze CO2 emissions
  • Budget your allowances needs and follow your stock

Case study:
With SkyBreathe® EU-ETS a regional airline operating 25 aircraft fully automated its CO2 tracking and improved its declaration accuracy from 8.5% to 0.5%, becoming fully compliant with EU-ETS.