An innovative solution to jointly optimize your Fleet, Network and Schedule

Based on Eurodecision’s optimization engine, OptiFleet™ is aunique solution to build your typical week of operations in the strategic planning phase.

Taking as inputs:

  • Your existing schedule
  • Your existing fleet and possible fleet variations
  • Demand figures and demand models by leg
  • Operational constraints (MTT…)
  • Direct operating costs and possession costs

OptiFleet™ will jointly decide on:

  • Fleet composition
  • Network
  • Schedule
  • Aircraft allocation
  • Aircraft rotations

and propose an operable solution optimized for profit.

The proposed solution is complete with a graphical view of the schedule and aircraft rotations, extensive KPIs and reports, and can be easily modified by hand thanks to its simple-to-use graphical interface.

Case study:

Answering bids at a charter airline

When a charter or mixed charter airline answers a bid, it has to do it quickly and at the best price.

To accommodate the demand, it must see how it can modify its aircraft rotations while preserving revenue.

OptiFleet™ automatically evaluates all schedule variations and arbitrates between opportunities to propose the optimal solution in terms of revenue.