An innovative solution to optimize the usage of your crew resources


CrewIntelligence™ delivers a synthetic and comprehensive dashboard of your crew planning quality.

It computes 24+ KPIs that measure the performance of your crew planning in terms of Economical efficiency, Operational quality and Social satisfaction.

With its user-friendly interface, CrewIntelligence™ lets you quickly compare your crew metrics through 3 analysis axis: organization, time and process.

By keeping a history of all you rosters, day by day, and showing you trends, it can be used to study and explain past performance or on the contrary anticipate on your future performance.


With decision support functions built-in and directly linked to your rosters, crew planners can improve the quality of the planning by quickly spotting-out unbalanced rosters.

Managers use it to spot out productivity issues, to discuss with crew representatives with clear metrics in hands, or to simulate in advance the consequences of a contract change.


CrewIntelligence delivers a quick and excellent ROI, letting you reduce overtime, standby, deadheads, etc. while increasing crew satisfaction and without modifying your processes or tools in place.

Case Study:

Since 2010, Transavia is using CrewIntelligence™ to track and improve the quality of its crew planning.

By monitoring continuously the quality of the planning while being constructed, Transavia manages to increase fairness and crew satisfaction and at the same time improve the economics of its operations.