Key Benefits of Logipad


One of our strengths lies within our high degree of customization. It is essential for us to understand your specific use cases and individual requirements. In this way Logipad fits into our customers’ existing processes and optimizes them, not the other way round. Even the management of your data can also be customized, such as fuel consumption data and the corresponding prices stored in the backend.

Communication & Collaboration

The application and the underlying processes facilitate communication & collaboration between the crew and ground members and within the crew. Pilots are able to exchange briefing data between the devices. The application area of Logipad extends beyond aircraft cockpits, even cabin crew members and maintenance engineers benefit from documentation and eForms features.


Logipad ensures a focused workflow with input validation, fast capture visual elements, and a reduced interface. Beyond the requirements of the ARINC 633 standard, we have optimized the application for efficient usability so that pilots can focus on essential tasks and procedures. For pilots, the easily accessible and clear structure of flight-relevant data is crucial.

Synchronization Processes

Streamlined processes provide single actions to keep users up to date with all assigned content such as the most recent versions of weather charts, forms, or manuals. Similar to the priority lane for VIP passengers, we prioritize data traffic for syncing briefing data. When synchronizing Logipad via pre-configured aircraft Wi-Fi networks, the briefing module can be assigned an exclusive priority for updating flight information.

Our app supports partial updates of EFF packages according to ARINC 633 specifications, which means that flight-relevant data is prioritized when time needs to be saved or when the data traffic is limited.

Match Requirements

Our data processes are standardized and meet the requirements set out by the FAA and the EASA in the AC120-76B and NPA 2012-02 (former TGL-36) documentation. The Electronic Flight Folder module uses briefing packets according to ARINC 633 standard.

Protected Access & Compliance

Depending on the existing hardware, Logipad supports authentication via face recognition, fingerprint, user name and password, or oAuth authentication. In addition, it is possible to create compliance reports on user actions and read confirmations for flight-relevant documents.