Electronic forms have become more and more important as digitization and automatic data processing has progressed. The Logipad eForms Module allows you to create your own electronic forms with our intuitive eForm drag and drop editor or use existing templates. eForms are not limited to simple text input or selection fields. Data input can be automated using the integrated QR code scanner, for example. The application area of Logipad extends beyond aircraft cockpits, even cabin crew members and maintenance engineers benefit from eForms features such as individual form fields and data inputs.

You have the option of evaluating all entered data via an individual dashboard or in Power BI. No matter whether they record flight-relevant data or performance evaluations of service personnel. All entered data is stored on the device for offline use. Once a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection is established, completed eForm inputs can be sent to the backend system. Even workflows and notifications can be triggered to inform the relevant users/roles when, when eForms have been stored or have arrived on the server. Documents and photos can also be attached and forwarded via an appropriate eForm.