Documentation Module

Provide the right documents for the right user at the right time with the Logipad Documents Module. The module is the place where users access all documents synchronized for them. The overview shows all important additional information at a glance.

Operational authorities are able to set different priorities for documents or mark them as to be confirmed. Prioritized documents can be visually highlighted and grouped in a separate view to grant users quick access. Administrators can also restrict the export actions of confidential documents.

Save time and search the entire library using Logipad’s powerful full-text search engine. We have built in a mechanism that optimizes the searchability of documents before search queries are made.

The built-in document-reader supports various document types such as: PDF, HTML, XML, HTML-ZIP, BOEING EDB, EXCEL, WORD, POWERPOINT, and several media formats.

The optional Notices view adds a new library of directories to Logipad and complements the existing Documents module. It contains all pre-flight documents, notes, media, or other information important for collaborative work within the flight crew.