We have been working hard to take our Charter Sales solution to the next level. With a revamped Sales module we are bringing you a complete toolset for fast and efficient quotation management.

Leon System Sales
Super fast quotation handling

We have automated lots of tedious, repetitive tasks to speed up the quotation process. Thanks to an intuitive setup of fees and automated tax calculation for a number of countries, you are just a few clicks away from sending that requested quote. And this means more time off your busy daily schedule.

Created to match your workflow

It does not matter if your team is 5 or 50 people, we have ensured that your internal communication is as accurate as possible. With the included checklists, notes and comments, you have access to a complete source of information about your Sales. For both Sales and OPS departments.

Efficient and customizable

We feel comfortable saying that customization in Leon is second to none. Feed Leon with your Sales data and watch how quick it can take from receiving a quote to sending your reply. Enjoy a set of tools supporting the quotation process, with fully customized document templates, separate for each stage. Emails and Invoices in Leon are generated on the go, using fully customized templates as well.

Full toolset supporting Charter Sales

We have enhanced Leon Sales with a number of features supporting your Sales department in their daily activities. Verify the feasibility of each quoted flight instantly, add an optional Fuel Stop on the schedule, integrate with any of 19 marketplaces available to boost your Sales even more.

Expand your business with Leon