Logistics & Inventory Management Sub-System (ARMS® V2 LIMS)

The ARMS® V2 LIMS is a comprehensive solution that addresses the Logistics & Inventory Management activities of airlines, air transport operators and MRO organizations.

LIMS is a real-time information system and provides complete visibility of all stores & inventory functions throughout the organization. Procurement, Receipt & Dispatch and Stores functions are all seamlessly integrated to ensure free flow of data and information between the engineering, maintenance and logistics users.

It is an automation enabler, where the complex demand & supply scenario in an airline or MRO, in terms of flow of materials, consumables, LRUs, sub-assemblies and rotables are coordinated, to achieve Minimum inventory holding costs through just-in-time positioning, b) Minimal dead stock & c) Reduced AOGs – by using statistical inventory management tools and allowing seamless and efficient flow of information across the organization, LIMSS proactively manages the supply chain

With ARMS® V2 LIMS one can implement a “virtual or electronic inventory control system” wherein the inventory is optimized and located strategically near the areas of demand, but management and control of the supply chain is controlled centrally.

Modules & Functionalities:

  • Inventory Master (with IPC integration) (INV)
  • Vendor Management (VEN)
  • Purchase & Procurement (PPM)
  • Planning, Provisioning & Forecasting (PPF)
  • Stores Management (Including Tool Stores) (SMM)
  • Receipt & Dispatch (RDM)
  • Workshop/ Repairs Coordination (WRC)
  • Centralized Logistics MIS Reports (LMR)
  • Finance (FCM)